17 Moms Reveal Which Parts of the House They Never Clean

Liz Alterman | Apr 30, 2015 Home & Garden
17 Moms Reveal Which Parts of the House They Never Clean

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Everyone has one. That thing they absolutely dread cleaning. For some, it's the fridge, for others, the bathroom. Some of us put off the dirtiest of dirty jobs until company's coming while the really bold among us just ignore the ugly tasks completely. 

We asked moms to tell us which chores they routinely skip and while the answers may gross you out, they also might inspire you to pick up a dust pan and broom and start cleaning! Or not. Whatever.

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What's the one thing you avoid cleaning?


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  • Top of the Fridge


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    "The top of the fridge. Under the dryer. Basically I don't move any appliances."

  • Changing the Sheets


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    "I hate to change the sheets!"

  • Microwave


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    "Inside of the microwave."

  • Grill


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    "Ugh, our grill. Our grill I must admit is filthy, on the outside anyway. It needs a deep clean. It's just something we neglect."

  • Screens


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    "Screens. I never clean screens like the TV and computers. They don't look bad, and I don't really think about it."

  • Toilet


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    "Toilets! It's so disgusting."

  • Garage


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    "The garage and the tops of the pillars in my house. I can't reach them or see them, so it doesn't count!"

  • Basement


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    "I don't sweep or dust my (unfinished) basement. I don't, but I should -- the cobwebs are starting to make it look like something out of the Haunted Mansion."

  • Litter Box


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  • Vacuum


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    "I personally refuse to vacuum."

  • Blinds


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    "I don't clean the blinds. It's been at least six years since I've taken them down and soaked in the tub. Oh and the curtains. It's been just as long since I've cleaned those too."

  • Home Office


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     "My husband's office."

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  • Windows


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  • Air Conditioner


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    "The air conditioning unit, which was obviously a bad thing not to vacuum monthly because the motor burned up."

  • Dusting High Places


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    "It is a running joke in my family that I am a deer. I am short & never look up. If it is above my head, there is a really, really good chance it is neglected. Dusty. Forgotten."

  • Baseboards


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    "Baseboards. I hate those things."

  • Bedroom


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    "My BEDROOM. Lol. My kids asked me why my bedroom is such a mess once. I told them because I'm more concerned with the rest of the house. I almost never get to my bedroom."

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