9 Clutter Hacks for the Neat & Tidy Bathroom of Your Dreams (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Apr 29, 2015 Home & Garden
9 Clutter Hacks for the Neat & Tidy Bathroom of Your Dreams (PHOTOS)

organized bathroomWant your bathroom to look as neat and well-appointed as one you'd find in a five-star hotel? Who doesn't?! Well, achieving that level of uncluttered organization is easier than you'd think. We discovered some innovative and attractive ideas for stashing those extra rolls of toilet paper and making sure all your wet towels are hanging nicely. 

Baskets, mason jars, and even bottle caps (say what?) are put to good use in these smart hacks that'll have your powder room picture perfect in no time.

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#2 is so charming, it's going straight to the top of our "honey-do" list!

What's your favorite bathroom organization hack?

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  • Mason Jar Organizer


    Image via diyplaybook.com

    This stunning Mason Jar Organizer from Bridget and Casey of DIY Playbook lends an air of farmhouse chic to your bathroom. So versatile, you can store anything from toothbrushes to cotton balls in there.

  • Window Box Bathroom Storage


    Image via ourfifthhouse.com

    This Window Box Bathroom Storage adds a charming, rustic feel to your space. Because the baskets are deep, they're perfect for holding towels and toilet paper, says Carmel of Our Fifth House who created this look for just $35!

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  • Towel Hooks Instead of the Bar


    Say goodbye to those wet towels on the floor! Christy at Harvard Homemaker explains that replacing a traditional towel bar with these Towel Hooks allowed her daughters to reach them and hang each towel individually so they finally had a chance to dry.

  • Wood Caddy Organizer


    Image via makinghomebase.com

    Chelsea of Making Home Base says before crafting this adorable Wood Caddy Organizer her bathroom was an "embarrassing mess." But now Q-tips, cotton balls, toothbrushes, and even wipes have their own special spot. 

  • DIY Towel Bar


    Image via ohohblog.com

    Ama of Oh Oh Blog recycled a belt to craft these understated and attractive Towel Bars. Because they don't take up tons of space or cost a fortune you can add as many as you like! 

  • Mirrored Storage Cabinet


    Image via shanty2chic.com

    How much would you love to have a Mirrored Storage Cabinet like this one crafted by the sisters at Shanty 2 Chic? It's perfect for stashing toiletries and beauty products and looks like it cost a fortune. Nice work, ladies!

  • DIY Toothbrush Holder


    Image via ohohblog.com

    Say goodbye to that vanity covered in toothpaste and those brushes laying round willy-nilly. Recyclable lids and a bit of Velcro are all it takes to craft this fun and functional DIY Toothbrush Holder designed by Ama of Oh Oh Blog.

  • Over the Toilet Storage


    Image via wayfair.com

    Over the toilet storage is the secret KathySue of Good Life of Design uses to keeping her bathroom organized. If you're not handy, don't worry, you can easily pick one up at a home improvement store. (Wayfair, $86.99)

  • Drawer Organizer


    Image via organizedmom.net

    Sarah of Organized Mom designed and built this Drawer Organizer herself. She shares that the best part is that it not only forced her to purge, but gave "everything its own special place." Sounds perfect to us!

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