9 Clutter Hacks for the Neat & Tidy Bathroom of Your Dreams (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Apr 29, 2015 Home & Garden

organized bathroomWant your bathroom to look as neat and well-appointed as one you'd find in a five-star hotel? Who doesn't?! Well, achieving that level of uncluttered organization is easier than you'd think. We discovered some innovative and attractive ideas for stashing those extra rolls of toilet paper and making sure all your wet towels are hanging nicely. 

Baskets, mason jars, and even bottle caps (say what?) are put to good use in these smart hacks that'll have your powder room picture perfect in no time.

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#2 is so charming, it's going straight to the top of our "honey-do" list!

What's your favorite bathroom organization hack?

bathroom clutter hacks 

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