6 Reasons IKEA Is the Ideal Napping Location

IKEA bed display

IKEA, otherwise known as Dante's third ring of cinnamon-roll schilling hell, does have its perks -- lots of free nap space if you're looking to catch a snooze, for one! So if you were on the fence about whether or not the good (cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap) outweighed the bad (oh my god, everything else), their new store napping ban might sway you. IKEA, what are you thinking? Here are five reasons IKEA is just BEGGING for us to nap there.


1. $1 Hot Dogs, Pizza, and Ice Cream 

If you give me hot dogs, pizza, and ice cream all for a dollar each and I have $20, I cannot be held accountable for what will happen. It's better for all parties that I have a place to lay down an consider my gastric crimes then let loose on the street. Trust me, IKEA. 

2. You Are an Actual (Exhausting) Maze

IKEA. You can't build a showroom that takes years to walk through, cover it with beds, and then sass folks for taking momentary refuge on one of your overly-firm mattresses. It's going to happen. 


Statistically* most people go to IKEA on the weekends around midday. It's a weird time to be eating A MASSIVE PLATE OF MEATBALLS IN CREAM SAUCE. You either let people nap it off, or you deal with some very gassy and grumpy customers.

4. The Warehouse

Look, we don't mind having to carry three times our weight in armoires if it means two things: Cheap furniture and permission to rest our weary bones before venturing forth. 

5. Assembly Required

Okay, IKEA, we agree to come to your store and spend tons of dough, only to go home and have to build our own furniture using a caveman tool and obscure instructions drawn by a Swedish 7-year-old. All things considered, is a teensy little catnap on an EKTORP really too much ask?

6. The Daycare

For many of us, IKEA, like the gym, is a heavenly respite from the rigors of childcare. They don't kick me out off the elliptical when I fall asleep, you're seriously going to kick me out of a Poang chair? I think not. 

What weird places do you nap?


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