Temporary Wallpaper Is the Perfect Rental Solution (PHOTOS)

vintage flower temporary wallpaper

Renting your home, short on decorating time, or maybe you just like to change things up around the house without tons of hassle? Well then, say hello to temporary wallpaper


This stuff has got me drooling. Available at an online store called Chasing Paper, check out this vast array of colorful, chic designs that can make your house look like some professional came in and waved a magic beautifying wand all over the place. In their words, it's as simple as, "Peel it, stick it, love it." That's right, you can lie through your teeth and tell your friends that HGTV spent a weekend in your home if you want -- we won't tell! 

I'm a fan of the way a well-made eye-catching wallpaper can transform even just one wall of your home. But I maybe have PTSD from that one time I decided it was good call to wallpaper my living room in August with no air conditioning. Beautiful? Sure. But soooo not worth the lingering nightmares I have about glue, scraping, angling, and balancing precariously on a ladder. 

These panels are basically massive stickers -- high quality, wipe-to-clean, stunning stickers. Temporary wallpaper is becoming more and more popular these days, and with good reason. They take all the hard work out of the equation, and the options brands like Chasing Paper provide are to die for. They have stunning options for every room in your home, from their whimsical moon prints (shown above), perfect for a kid's room, to the subtle antler motif (shown below) to class up the man cave.

antler temporary wallpaper

I maybe squealed when I saw their chevron options -- because chevrons are the greatest and I defy anyone to say differently.

chevron temporary wallpaper

What other hacks do you use to make spicing up your home a snap?


Images via Chasing Paper

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