Dog Thinks She's a Baby Person & Needs a Pacifier to Sleep (VIDEO)

princess leia boxer puppy

DOG WHO IS POTENTIALLY TOO CUTE TO EXIST ALERT! This boxer is hilarious for two very, very important reasons. 


Reason No. 1 this pup needs to be sent to cuteness jail: Her name is Princess Leia. That's so dorky and sweet that I kind of can't handle it. Mind you, this is coming from a woman who owns a fat, black kitten named Batman, so I know from whence I speak. But the cuteness doesn't stop there, ohhhh no.

Look out, here comes reason No. 2 this pup is so adorable she's kind of broken me: SHE USES A BABY PACIFIER TO GO TO SLEEP! AHHHHH! I CAN'T (*passes out from too much cute, dreams of more cuteness, it's a vicious cycle*).

I would give my eye-teeth to hear the whole story behind this. I would like to think that's Leia's owners bought the teether on a whim and the dog was all "yes please". Because the other option involves the pup stealing a baby's sucker and that kind of just makes her seem not so cuddly as I would like to continue imagining she is. 

We all have weird habits when it comes to falling asleep, I guess. My godson will quietly sing himself to sleep and I have to have old episodes of Dateline playing because apparently I am 65 years old. What's so weird, in the grand scheme of things, about a dog sucking a pacifier? I mean, a lot, but let's just go with it, shall we?

What weird things do your pets do?


Image via YouTube

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