15 Moms Spill Their Family's Tried & True Cleaning Secrets​

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Did you have a grandmother who swore that any stain could be removed with a little bit of salt and seltzer? If so, you're not alone! Many families have their own tried and true solutions for common cleaning issues, so we asked moms to share some of the best cleaning solutions that have been passed down through generations.  


We've all heard those old-wives' tales that suggest ketchup makes a great brass cleaner and newspapers are far better than rags when it comes to cleaning windows. Or, how about using toothpaste to clean your jewelry? While they might sound crazy to us, there's probably a good reason they've become legendary -- they work! 

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Check out some of the interesting answers we received when we asked: What's your mom's or your grandmother's tried and true cleaning solution? 

1. "Baking soda and vinegar will clean anything," says a CafeMom member who goes by the name Owl Nuggets.

2. "Adding a lemon wedge to the sink when you are washing dishes to act as a degreaser -- not sure if it works or not  -- but Grandma swears by it," says CafeMom member KCmama1010.

3. "Hire someone!" says EarlGreyHot, a CafeMom member.

4. "Vinegar will clean anything," says CafeMom member Brettsmomma.

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5. "Make the kids do it," says CafeMom member Conweis says. 

6. "My grandma used Windex for everything. It was like her go-to. Windex and Ajax," recalls CafeMom member Amalia D. "Dawn soap mixed with hot vinegar will shine any hard surface, like faucets. I have hard water."

7. "7-Up," says a CafeMom member who goes by the handle Saint Judes.

8. "Original blue Dawn dish soap is the best stain remover there is for clothes. Doesn't even matter if the item has been washed and dried before discovering the stain. Put it on the spots, throw in hamper, and wash it in a couple or a few days, the longer length if really bad stain. Best against oil and tomato stains," says CafeMom member Lynette.

9. "Used dryer sheets for dusting," says CafeMom member Cecilia.

10. "My gram used Borax," says KellyNH, a CafeMom member. "My mom uses Pine-Sol and Comet."

11. "Using old newspaper to clean mirrors and windows," says a CafeMom member who goes by the handle Advilplease.

12. "Bon Ami," a CafeMom member who goes by the name ablackdophin says.

13. "Old fashioned white castile soap," says CafeMom member nicki.hemingway. 

14. "My ex MIL, now deceased, swore by Murphy Oil Soap," says a CafeMom member who goes by the name wishbearmom.

15. "I just remembered my mom taught me squeezing a lemon out onto salt will get out stains," says CafeMom member Anonymous 1. "You simply rub it in with a cloth and then wash off with water. I use it on my countertop and it works as well as a magic eraser."

What go-to cleaning solution did your mom or grandmom swear by? 


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