Watch Quadruple Amputee Rottweiler Learn to Walk on New Legs & Try Not to Cry (VIDEO)​

Rottweiler prosthetic legs A Rottweiler in Colorado is making his breed proud. Two-year-old Brutus is learning to walk again with the help of four prosthetic limbs after his former owner amputated his limbs following a severe case of frostbite. 


"Brutus is an amazing case of a beautiful dog who was dealt a short hand,” said Martin Kauffman, founder of OrthoPets, a company which manufactures prosthetic limbs for approximately 250 pets around the world annually.

Laura Aquilina, Brutus' foster mom, is extremely proud of the incredible strides the dog is making -- literally. And we think she's pretty special too since she took him in knowing most people would consider him unadoptable due to his injuries. His new owner is determined to do everything it takes to improve the quality of the young dog's life.

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Soon the courageous canine will be receiving physical therapy which should increase his mobility further. This story is wonderful news for pets and their owners who might otherwise have lost hope following an injury or illness. 

We hope Brutus and his new family have lots of long walks in their future!

Would you consider adopting a pet with limitations?

Images via Kalaveshi/YouTube

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