Spring Travel Sanity Savers for Family Trips & Staycations

kids in a car on a family road trip stop

It's that time of year when families across the country are packing their suitcases and hitting the road or heading to the airport for springtime adventures. It's also that time of year when families across the country are sitting at home, wondering how they are going to have fun and enjoy some time together without actually going anywhere.

No matter which camp your crew falls into, there's plenty you can do to maximize your spring break as a family. We've gathered our best travel tips for the car and plane, plus some cool activities you can do right in your own backyard. And of course, check out some hilarious vacation fails and road trip experiences that we're sure your family can't possibly relate to. At all. No sir!

What does your family do for a spring vacation together?

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  • 7 Highs & Lows of Road Tripping With Your Kids


    Image via moodboard/Corbis

    If you've ever traveled by car with children, you will appreciate this insightful visual recap of the seven stages parents go through while in a car with kids, from pre-departure panic to potty break desperation in the middle of nowhere.

  • 9 Things Parents Should Never Do During a Road Trip


    Image ©iStock.com/Blue_Cutler

    As annoying as it can be to embark on a driving vacation with kids, apparently being stuck in a car for hours on end with grownups is no picnic either. Here's what kids say are the worst things parents can do during a road trip. 

  • 10 Tricks for Traveling by Plane With Toddlers


    Image ©iStock.com/danr13

    Don't let toddler travel nightmares come true the next time you take to the skies with a little one in tow. Here are 10 ways to make flying with toddlers less terrifying and more enjoyable for everyone.

  • 5 Last-Minute Vacations You Can Take From Home


    Image via Michael McCullough/Flickr

    A staycation is easier and cheaper than traveling with the family, and can be just as satisfying as a far-flung trip when done right. Here's how to get the most of your vacation at home.

  • 12 Family Vacations Gone Hilariously Wrong


    Image via angiewidjaya/Instagram

    If you've ever had a family vacation go off the rails, you'll empathize with the folks in these painfully funny pics. And if you've been blessed to not yet have had anything this bad happen, take notes, because it'll become reality for you eventually.


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