Amazon's Newest Offering Can Knock Out Your 'Honey Do' List

amazon home servicesEver purchase a new grill and wish it came with someone to assemble it for you? Well, now is offering shoppers the chance to order up a handyman along with their purchases. That's right, as if Amazon customers couldn't already find everything imaginable, the online marketplace will now connect you with service providers in nearly every industry.


For those who aren't handy, are super busy, or who just moved to a new area and don't have a referral at the ready to help get their house in order, this may seem like a dream come true. But just how do you know you're not inviting some creepy grifter -- or worse -- into your home? Good question!

Amazon will run background checks before choosing service providers, Peter Faricy, vice-president, Amazon Marketplace told Reuters. 

You'd think you'd have to really pay up for the convenience of a service like this one, right? Not so fast! The online superstore promises to match prices if customers receive lower estimates for the same service from another site, store, or professional within 30 days of a purchase. Not too shabby, huh? 

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And if you're worried about the quality of the craftsmanship, Amazon has that covered too. The company will provide a "quality of service" guarantee. 

As someone who can barely hang a picture frame without causing a crater to form, I love this idea! Sure, I could throw it on my "honey-do" list but my honey isn't any handier than I am.

Many times when you call someone -- even for an estimate -- it's days before they get back to you and then they're booked up for weeks anyway. It can be frustrating when you just need that project done.

A few years ago I wanted to order a backyard swingset for my kids from a local store. I was told to find my own landscaper to make sure the ground was level, my own assembly team, and then someone (probably the landscaper again) to deliver massive amounts of rubberized mulch should someone take a nasty spill off the top of the slide. After all that I decided we'd skip the playset and keep walking to the park! 

But now if you've been putting off a big purchase because you don't know who would hang it/build it/install it for you, no more excuses!

Will you take advantage of this offer or use find a service professional the old fashioned way? 

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