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10 Innovative Uses for Vinegar (PHOTOS)

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If you have little -- or even big -- kids in the house, chances are you may want to steer clear of cleaners containing harsh chemicals. But you probably also want your home to be as clean as possible. What's a mom to do? Ready for a quick and easy solution? Try vinegar!

Whether you're looking to conquer mold and mildew or just freshen up appliances or furniture, this wonder cleaner will come to your rescue again and again.

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We're so excited about all of these tips, but we can't wait to try #8! 

What's your secret use for vinegar?

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1Make Your Iron Look New Again

Alicia of Thrifty & Chic says she's continually amazed by the cleaning power of vinegar. In the photo above she used a dash of vinegar on a paper towel and rubbed off the excessive buildup that had collected on her iron. For those that need a bit more TLC, add some baking soda, she says. 

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2Remove Sticky Labels

Have your kids ever placed a sticker on something -- a window, a glass, your purse -- and you desperately want it gone without leaving a lot clunky white residue behind? Try spraying a little vinegar on the spot as well as on a kitchen towel. Let it sit for 10 minutes, apply a little elbow grease, and watch it come right off

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3Keep Ants at Bay

Spraying vinegar along doorways will keep ants at bay, says blogger Missi of Life is Poppin'. That's great to know -- especially with summer right around the corner!

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4Remove Wall Paper

If you want to experience true frustration, try removing longstanding wall paper! But, thanks to vinegar dissolving the glue, your problem is solved. Stacy at Stacy Makes Cents says she sprayed on some white vinegar, let it stand for several minutes and then began scraping away with a putty knife. 

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5Clean Out Your Coffee Pot

Courtenay of CreekHouseLine makes sure her coffee pot is mold-free by mixing two parts water to one part vinegar and pouring it into the water well of her coffee maker. She allows it to sit for five minutes before brewing. What you find in your carafe may surprise you, she notes.

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6Clean Your Dishwasher

Ever notice how your dishwasher can still smell kind of funky even after it's just been run? Toss in a cup of vinegar into the empty machine and run it to remove old food particles and any lingering odors. Cheryl at Tidy Mom even uses vinegar and water to clean the compartments within the machine. 

7Make Your Grout White Again

Carrie at MakingLemonadeBlog was able to transform the grout between her floor tiles from dingy to dazzling with the help of white vinegar and baking soda. 

"Sixth grade science project lovers unite -- the (safe) chemical reaction does all the work for you," she notes. "Let it sit and bubble and scrub itself for a few minutes." 

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8Goodbye, White Rings on Furniture

Ever put a baby bottle down on a treasured piece of furniture in the wee hours of the morning only to wake up to a nasty ring you can't seem to remove? Mix equal parts vinegar and olive oil, then dip a cloth in the solution and wipe away the water ring, suggests Ceara of DIYConfessions.

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9Clean Your Shower Curtain

Frustrated that she couldn't seem to keep the mildew off her shower curtain, Kate at The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking took matters into her own hands and created a vinegar-based solution that really did the trick. 

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