12 Unique & Pretty Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself (PHOTOS)

I've always loved Easter so much -- not only does the holiday feature chocolate, but it heralds the end of winter and the beautiful start of spring. Yay! Easter decorations are always so pretty and fun -- the perfect way to usher in the season of warmer weather and lovely flowers.

Whether you're just looking for something easy and inexpensive to make, or you want to try your hand at something a little more crafty, you're going to love these unique Easter decorations you can put together yourself. I'm going to try the last two slides myself!

Do you decorate your house for Easter?

Image via ACMoore.com

  • Ombré Table Runner


    Image via JamieDanno.com

    Easter is all about color, and this ombre table runner tutorial from Jamie at JamieDanno.com will help you make a gorgeously colored dining room. Use any two colors that you like!

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  • Bunny Banner


    Image via ACMoore.com

    I love fabric banners, but this one, made from colorful cardstock and chalkboard paint, seems easier to make! A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts has all the instructions.

  • Baker’s Twine Spring Wreath


    Image via BecomingMartha.com

    This pretty and easy-to-make project is from Sarah Desjardins of BecomingMartha.com. You can personalize your own Baker's Twine Spring Wreath with any pretty Easter decorations.

  • Festive Clay Display


    Image by by Joanna Henderson

    From the book "A Year in Crafts" by Clare Youngs (CICO Books, November 2014), this project requires a little time, but is fairly simple to do -- and it will last for years! Modeling clay is cut into dove and egg shapes, then embossed with stamps or found objects to create pretty patterns before they're baked. The decorations are then connected with colored cord and can be hung to create a beautiful Easter display.

    Writes Clare in her beautiful book: I have some pretty wooden printing blocks from India, which make lovely embossed patterns when pressed into modeling clay. You could use rubber stamps or experiment with objects found around the house. This is a great project to get the kids involved in. I like the simplicity of white decorations, but they would also look pretty painted in different pastel colors and tied with ribbon. Hang them from twigs and spring blossom for a gorgeous Easter display.

    Click to the next slide for a template and the full instructions.

  • Festive Clay Display: Dove Template & Instructions


    Illustration by Ian Youngs

    To make the pretty display on the previous slide, follow these instructions, adapted from "A Year in Crafts" by Clare Youngs.

    You will need:
    Tracing paper
    Cutting mat
    Soft and light oven-bake clay
    Rolling pin
    Craft knife
    Knitting needle
    Something to press into the clay to make a pattern (like a wooden stamp)
    Colored string or cord

    1. Create templates out of tracing paper for the shapes of the bird and the eggs (you can use the image featured here for the bird -- just trace it right from your computer screen!).
    2. On a cutting mat, roll out some clay until it is approximately 1/16 in. (3 mm) thick. Place the templates on the clay and cut around them carefully using a craft knife.
    3. Using a knitting needle or something similar, make a hole at the top and bottom of the bird and the two larger eggs. On the smallest egg, just make a hole at the top. On the bird, make a hole for the eye.
    4. Press into the shapes to make an indented pattern. Follow the instructions on the modeling clay packet
    to bake the clay.
    5. Use colored cord or string to tie the eggs together, from the largest to the smallest. Then attach the bird
    at the top of the row of eggs.
    6. Thread a length of the cord through the hole at the top of the bird for hanging.

  • Painted Speckled Eggs & Mason Jar Easter Grass


    Guys. That's real grass growing in those Mason jars! Blogger and lifestyle expert Maria Provenzano has all the details on how to make these totally adorable (not to mention impressively awesome) Easter decorations.

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  • Colorful Ribbon Egg


    Image via ACMoore.com

    These Ribbon Eggs, designed by ILovetoCreate for A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts, are so pretty, aren't they? Several hanging in a doorway or window would be beautiful; you could also add them to Easter wreaths or an Easter tree.

  • Dyed Egg Vases


    Image via Wayfair.com

    How pretty for the Easter table! These dyed egg vases from the crafters at Wayfair.com are made by dying blown-out eggs and placing them in little egg cups. They should keep for years if you pack them away carefully.

  • Cascade of Curls Wreath


    Image via ILovetoCreate.com

    This bright and exuberant Easter wreath, designed by Pattie Donham Wilkinson for ILovetoCreate.com, will welcome the Easter Bunny to your door in style.

  • Place Setting Nests


    Image via Wayfair.com

    These Place Setting Nests from Wayfair.com are SO EASY to create, yet they really add a pretty punch to a table setting! All you need is paper confetti and chocolate eggs.

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  • Glass Jars or Vases Filled with Easter Eggs


    Image via yourhomebasedmom/Flickr

    This is one of the easiest things to do, and you probably don't even have to buy any of the supplies! Just find some big glass containers and fill them with Easter eggs. Obviously, using real eggs is not recommended, unless they're blown eggs. But any other kind would work, from the festive colored plastic ones, to any of your prettier decorative eggs.

  • Paskris Easter Tree


    Image via AuntPeaches.com

    I love Easter trees! There are so many pretty ideas (check out Pinterest). However, this DIY Paskris Easter Tree, by the fabulous "Peaches" of AuntPeaches.com and based on a Scandinavian paskris tree, is one of the most vibrant and colorful I've ever seen.

  • Sequin Happy Easter Eggs


    Image via StudioDIY.com

    Cute! Check out this Sequined Egg Tutorial from Kelly over at StudioDIY.com to make your own glitzy welcome to the holiday.

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