6 Amazing Pet Hair Removal Hacks Just in Time for Shedding Season (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Mar 24, 2015 Home & Garden
6 Amazing Pet Hair Removal Hacks Just in Time for Shedding Season (PHOTOS)

dog hair removal hacks

Are you embarrassed to have anyone ride in your car, sit on your couch, or take a good look at your clothing in daylight because everything you own is smothered in pet fur? If so, you're not alone. But with shedding season right around the corner, what can you do? Rather than stock up on lint brushes and wear a holster with one clipped to your hip, why not try some of the clever hacks we found for removing that unwanted hair? 

Many items you already own can be real life-savers when it comes to getting rid of the mane it looks like your sofa is sporting.

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What's your secret for removing that pesky hair and fur?

pet hair removal hacks

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  • Damp Rubber Glove


    Image ©Vitaly Korovin/shutterstock

    Grab those rubber gloves, wet them, and watch as your dog's fur or hair magically sticks to them. Simply clean the gloves, rinse and repeat. 

  • Dryer Sheets


     Image © AnthonyRosenberg/iStock.com 

    Though they're designed to reduce static cling, dryer sheets will actually magnetize unwanted hair. Simply running a dryer sheet over a furry surface should help remove most of those pesky hairs, say the experts at Pico Cleaners.

  • Velcro


    Image © svetlana55/shutterstock

    Pick up some Velcro at a fabric or convenient store and use the prickly side to remove fur and hair from clothing and furniture.

  • Balloons


    Image © Dubova/shutterstock

    This one will definitely make you say, "Why didn't I think of that??" Just like rubbing balloons will make your own hair stick to the latex surface, placing a balloon on the object coated in your pet's fur will get rid of it in a jiffy!

  • Tape


    Image © photosync/shutterstock

    Duct, packing, or even Scotch tape will do when it comes to removing fur. Use that sticky side to your advantage and clean up those hairy spots in a hurry.

  • Squeegee


    Image ©Heike Brauer/shutterstock

    A squeegee can really save the day when it comes to removing dog hair from carpets. Run one over the rug before vacuuming. It's not only effective, it also prevents pet fur from clogging your vacuum. Give it a try on your car seats as well. 


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