Albert Baby Cat Puts Your Kids to Shame With His Perfect Poses (PHOTOS)

albert baby cat

If you have an impossible time getting your kids to pose for pictures, you're not alone. But ... you're about to feel a whole lot worse. An Instagram account belonging to the owners of Albert Baby Cat is taking the Internet by storm. More than 63,000 followers are watching the adorable munchkin cat, who makes amazing eye contact (just look at those baby blues!!) and is the most fashionable feline you'll ever feast your eyes on. 


Seriously, guys, look at that photo above with darling Albert dressed as a Jedi. Do you have any idea how much extra candy I'd have to promise my kids on Halloween to strike a pose that perfect??

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I don't know if Albert's owners have children, (I'm going to go with "No" or else they'd barely have time to change his litter never mind dress him up like Prince George!) but if not, someone should warn them that unless they have some kind of Anne Geddes-like superpowers, it's not going to be this easy with human babies!

And, house cats everywhere, Albert is making you look bad! You'd better be ready for some serious dress up tonight!

Check out some of Albie's looks and prepare to fall in love!

So sporty!

Super Bowl XLIX � Patriots or Seahawks?

A photo posted by Albert � (@albertbabycat) on

That Taco Bell chihuahua can eat his heart out!

Late night taco run.

A photo posted by Albert � (@albertbabycat) on

Snow Day! Could you resist cuddling with this cool cat?

This is the cutest thing you will see today.�True story.

A photo posted by Albert � (@albertbabycat) on

Top o' the mornin' to ya, Albert!

� Top O' The Morning To Ya

A photo posted by Albert � (@albertbabycat) on

Kitty's first scooter!

Zoom zoom.

A photo posted by Albert � (@albertbabycat) on

Who says cats hate water?

Bathtime. �

A photo posted by Albert � (@albertbabycat) on

Ready for a cat nap, Albert? 

Sleeping in. � #caturday

A photo posted by Albert � (@albertbabycat) on

Kitty at the arcade.

Albert having road rage in his motorcar. � #2Fast2Furryious

A photo posted by Albert � (@albertbabycat) on

We have a feeling Santa will bring plenty of presents for this precious pussycat!

Waiting for Santa. �

A photo posted by Albert � (@albertbabycat) on

Do these photos make you want to adopt a cat or dress up the one you already own?  

Image via AlbertBabyCat/Instagram

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