8 Cool Vegetables to Plant in Your Garden This Year (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Mar 18, 2015 Home & Garden
8 Cool Vegetables to Plant in Your Garden This Year (PHOTOS)


After a long winter, we couldn't be more eager to head outdoors and get back into the garden. Making it all the more exciting is the arrival of some new and delicious edible offerings available this spring. If you're looking to spice up your usual plantings, we've found some sweet and colorful new crops that will wow you and your family. 

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Whether you're in the market for sweet melons or dark, leafy greens, we've got you covered! Happy planting!

Which vegetable or herb are you most looking forward to planting this season?  

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  • Butterscotch Butternut Squash


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    This single-serving mini-butternut squash is resistant to powdery mildew. Each weighs approximately 1 to 2 pounds. Plants are ready to eat in 100 days so have your recipes on standby. (Amazon, $7.53 for 25 organic hybrid seeds)


  • Sugar Cube Melon


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    Master gardener and founding member of Yard2Kitchen Ed Albright says sugar baby melons are sure to be a popular item and a special treat for those who didn't think they could grow their own mini watermelons and cantaloupes right in their own backyard.

    Really, imagine having sweet, fresh melons flourishing right on your patio? Yum! Fruits grow up to 2 pounds each, can be planted in a container, and reach maturity in approximately 80 days. (Gardens Alive, $5.95 per packet of 25 seeds.)

  • Shiraz Snow Peas


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    How lovely would these Shiraz snow peas look in a fresh-tossed salad or on their own as a colorful side dish? Yard2Kitchen's Albright says the pretty peas, named for the wine, have a great, sweet flavor. (Amazon, $3.50 for a pack of 10 seeds) 

  • Clementine Tomato


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    Organic Clementine tomato plants produce a high yield of the sweet-tart fruit. Climbing varieties should be staked while bush plants don't require support or pruning. (JohnnySeeds, $4.95 for a packet of 15 seeds.)

  • Mini-Golden Yellow Bell Peppers


    Image via JohnnySeeds

    Imagine how pretty these mini peppers would look in your frittatas and salads? They thrive in well-drained fertile soil and have a nice, sweet flavor. (JohnnySeeds, $4.95 for a packet of 25 seeds.)

  • Kalettes


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    A kale/brussel sprout hybrid, the kalette boasts two-inch flower-like florets that come in three varieties and make a healthy and colorful addition to your dinner table. (JohnnySeeds, $16.65 for one unit.) 

  • Eleonora Basil


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    Eleonora organic basil has a bit spicier flavor than some of your traditional pesto types. This variety is also more mildew-resistant than others. (Amazon, $7.53)

  • Amara Mustard Greens


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    Delicious in salads or cooked, these dark leafy greens are rich in flavor. Harvest the leaves while they're still young and tender, gardeners recommend. (JohnnySeeds, $6.55 for a one ounce packet of seeds.)

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