8 Stores We'd Put Together to Create the Perfect Home (PHOTOS)

When we learned that folks in the Netherlands were using social media to organize games of hide-and-seek at IKEA, we thought: well, of course. Why didn't we think of that? I'm sure I'm not the only weirdo who has ever looked around my lovely home and thought: what I wouldn't give to live at a store. Who needs Pinterest to help create our dream living situation—the perfect abode is really nothing more than a combination of these 8 stores.


1. IKEA = Dream Playroom

 Image via Vox Efx/Flickr

The Dutch got it right: there are a gazillion places to hide in IKEA—from that awesomely high loft bed to inside that Hurdal wardrobe (seriously, everything fits in there). An adult would have a field day jumping from bed to bean bag and playing with every strange lighting fixture in the store.

2. Babies R Us = Dream Nursery


From the time our babies are 0 until at least the day we stop nursing, we would all benefit from locking ourselves away in a nursery that resembles Babies R Us—amazing gliders and stuffed elephants included.

3. Sephora = Dream Bathroom

Image via Erica Kline/Flickr

Picture this: you wake up in the morning and walk bleary-eyed to your bathroom. Suddenly, a magical world opens up to you, one where you can select among 1,000 shades of lipstick, hundreds of luxurious face creams, and mascaras with fat wands, thin wands, little ball-y wands—I mean, the world would be the most gorgeous oyster ever if Sephora were your bathroom!

4. Sur La Table = Dream Premenstrual Syndrome Escape

Image via Mike McCune/Flickr

When cramps hit and chocolate cravings threaten to overcome your sanity, you'd simply mosey on down to your Sur La Table kitchen, stuff your face with a few pieces of the world's finest cocoa, whip up a few German chocolate cupcakes in your sweetheart rose cupcake pan, and take out your aggression in a healthy way: by chopping veggies with every single one of your Henckels knives.

5. Barneys = Dream Walk-In Closet

Image via Susan Sermoneta/Flickr

Your husband will never hear you complain about not having a thing to wear because your closet will be home to every Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, and Isabel Murant in existence. Did I mention this is a purely selfless fantasy for the benefit of all husbands, everywhere?

6. HomeGoods = Dream Yard

Image via brownpau/Flickr

Approximately 80 percent of the decorative items sold at HomeGoods elude me. YES, I want to buy up all of the glittery autumn tree stalks, but then what? Do I stick them in the front yard like flags and hope for the best? Also, how many angel statues turns my backyard into that creepy woman's backyard? These issues would be resolved if HomeGoods would only agree to serve as both my front and back yards.

7. Ligne Roset = Dream Living Room

Image via ligneroset.com

Because it's French. Because their furniture is well-made and belongs in a museum. Because they know how to pair a single yellow chair with a line of rose chairs and it doesn't like preposterous. Those are just a few reasons why Ligne Roset should stop selling furniture and agree to be our living rooms.

8. Apple store = Dream Home Office 

Image via Therev1969/Flickr

Give us the latest in technology, but even more importantly: let us work in a clean, clutter-free space that comes with its very own Genius Bar and a few computer geniuses ready to sweetly ask (always with a smile and a hot cup of latte in hand) whether we tried turning our devices on and off.

Which store would help you create your dream home?


Image via Elizabeth AE OOAK Dolls/Flickr


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