Wasteful Toilet Paper Prank at Howie Mandel’s Home Should Have Been Flushed (VIDEO)

Did you hear the one about the guy who used 40,000 rolls of toilet paper to cover Howie Mandel's house? He papered his mansion and people got really, really upset! Bah-dum-dum! Howie Mandel and his pal, prankster Roman Atwood, are in hot toilet water after a prank that used up enough toilet paper to wipe the butts of a small third world country. 


Atwood, along with Mandel's friends and Mandel's son, thought it would be cool to paper Mandel's sprawling California mansion while he was flying in from New York. The resulting prank was then uploaded to YouTube. Take a peek:


Wow, the house looks like it was blanketed in a snowstorm. That's a lot of toilet paper! And Mandel's reaction was priceless.

But did you hear him say, "Who spends that much money on toilet paper?" Yeah, a lot of people were saying the same thing on YouTube and various media outlets. Some responses:

- I don't like wasteful pranks. We got kids starving. Donate that money instead.

- Imagine how much shit you could wipe off with that amount of tissues.

- 4,000 families could've wiped their asses with that toilet paper.

- WTF!!! I like Roman's pranks but this was beyond STUPID. I hate fools messing with the environment.

- What a waste of toilet paper? What are you seriously accomplishing by doing this? That amount of toilet paper would last me more than four years.

And probably the saddest one:

- I struggle everyday as a single mom and toilet paper is very hard to come by in my home. Some times I cant even afford it and have to use napkins from restaurants. Its a struggle for my son and I to even eat sometimes and to see this is heart breaking knowing somebody has that much money to waste when hard working single mothers or even hard working families cant even afford things like this. God is good and will always find a way. This is just so discouraging to me. Knowing how hard I work and cant afford it but its wasted by the packs so easily :(

Erm, kinda takes the fun out of it, don't it?

So, yeah, I agree this was hugely wasteful -- but at least it wasn't plastic bags! Toilet paper is biodegradable. I'm just hoping it was one of those recycled brands.

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I do wonder who they got to clean up this mess. Maybe they rolled it all back up and donated it to a homeless shelter. One can hope.

Do you think this was funny or wasteful?

Image via RomanAtwood/YouTube

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