10 Beautiful Easter Decor Ideas Using Leftover Eggshells (PHOTOS)

An Easter egg has a relatively short lifespan: You dye it, you display it (briefly), and then you eat it (obviously!). But what if we told you there is a whole world of things to be done with the leftover eggshells?

In that spirit, we've put together a whole slideshow for the sake of the shell. So make some room to hang 'em on your door (#3), hang 'em on your wall (#4), or set 'em on your table (#8), because you'll want to try out all of these eggs-traordinary eggshell crafts (sorry, we had to do it)!

Do you reuse or recycle anything after your Easter celebrations


Image via A Little Inspiration

  • Eggshell Tealights


    We can't get over how pretty painted Easter eggs look when they're lit up. Angie over at A Little Inspiration has the how-to for this terrific tealight centerpiece.

    Her number one tip? "Next time you are cooking breakfast, carefully remove the egg yolk and egg white and save your eggshells for this fun craft," say says.

  • Gold Eggshell Vases


    Image via 79Ideas

    Listen, you don't need the goose that lays a golden egg to get something that looks like a million bucks. Radostina of 79Ideas came up with a cute and clever 14-karot idea: gilded eggshell vases. The secret? Spray-paint! Pair with a simple, understated flower (like lily of the valley) to really make these pop.

  • Eggshell Wreath


    Image via Farmhouse 38

    Our jaw hit the floor when we realized these delicate pink peony flowers were just painted shells. Kate of Farmhouse 38 found a way to turn a simple breakfast staple into this "rustic with a bit of glitter" eggshell wreath.

  • Eggshell Succulent Garden


    Image via The Kitchn

    Itty-bitty succulents pair so nicely with naturally-small eggshells. Better still...this plant is nearly impossible to kill. That is a definite perk if you want something green for spring but are born with a black thumb! The ladies over at The Kitchn have a great tutorial for getting started on a eggshell succulent garden of your very own.

  • Hanging Macrame Eggshells


    Image via We Are Scout

    Easter decor doesn't have to be all about baby bunnies and chicks. Lisa of We Are Scout came up with a totally hip and modern mini macrame hanging vase that you'll be tempted to keep up after spring.

  • Eggshell Seedling People, 10 Eggshell Decor Ideas for Easter


    Chia pet? Nah, we've got something better...and totally customizable for your clan. These egg seed plantings, courtesy of Bianca of A Little Delightful, are such a cute spin on a classic eggshell garden -- complete with stylin' grass hair!

  • Eggshell Geodes


    Image via A Beautiful Mess

    Want something sparkly in a snap? Then you might be interested to know that you know you can grow your own crystals on pretty much anything! Emma of A Beautiful Mess tried a geode kitchen experiment out on some eggshells and the result is definitely display-worthy.

  • Eggshell Planter Placecards


    Image via Swooned

    We have yet another miniature garden for you! But these eggshells are so much more than mere planters. Claudia Gödke at Swooned shows us how to customize each one as a personalized eggshell placecard. This is an idea that'll work well past Easter; use it for your next spring or summer party!

  • Eggshell Diorama Ornament


    Sara at Love in the Suburbs shares this paper mache eggshell diorama craft, but a little paint and some strategic egg-cracking can transform even a normal eggshell into a diorama. Not only is it sweet and seasonal, but you'll finally find a reason to use those chenille chicks!

  • Eggshell Miniatures


    Image via Chez Larsson

    Benita at Chez Larsson uses an egg's natural roundness to create little eggshell accessories for chenille animals -- like a boat, a stroller and a racecar. Okay, so it's not practical, but if you're fond of the small and adorable, this is right up your alley! Plus, she makes it look surprisingly doable.

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