Taylor Swift Proudly Shows Off Her Future Leg Scar -- Courtesy of Her Cat (PHOTOS)

Taylor Swift's cat, Meredith, may owe her $40 million. Swift posted a photo of a long, ugly scratch the cat (allegedly) gave her to Instagram and poked fun of the rumor that she has her legs insured for millions of dollars.


Here's the pic Taylor posted:

She captioned it: "Great work, Meredith. I was just trying to love you and now you owe me 40 million dollars."

Wow. That's no ordinary scratch. She must been wrestling with Meredith. While she says she was just trying to love Meredith, I have to wonder what kind of love?! Whatever kind it was, Meredith was clearly not on board with it. She then covered it up with this:

As someone who has co-habited with many cats, dozens if not more of them rescues that I fostered and found homes for, I have had scratches pretty much everywhere you can imagine.

Cats can scratch if: You hug them when they don't want to be hugged. Pet them when they don't want to be petted. Look at them when they don't want to be eyeballed. They are feeling frisky and playful. They want your attention. They want to crawl up your head. You are sleeping and they want you awake. They want to be fed. They want to remind you who's boss.

The list is endless, really.

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When I'm fostering kittens who are particularly playful I've ended up with scratches in some very strange places. Once, a boyfriend asked me where I had gotten the scratches on my stomach -- he seemed convinced I had gotten them from an amorous encounter with a man with long nails. I once had scratches on my neck -- he thought those were suspicious too.

But we cat lovers wear our battle scars with pride -- just as you would if your toddler keyed you in the eye or punched your lights out in a nightmare frenzy. You'd tell everyone the story and gamely show your mommy scars. Same with us cat freaks!

While all of this is kind of funny, the reality is that if a cat scratches you, you could potentially get a nasty infection (cat scratch fever is real but rare). It's best to rinse the scratch out with cold water for a few minutes and then dab on some antiseptic cream. I will say out of all the times I've been scratched, I've never had an infection -- though it did take quite awhile for the scars to go away. A big lurid one on my stomach ruined two summers in a row -- didn't exactly look great in my bikini.

As for Taylor's million dollar legs, she doesn't seem to confirm or deny that they're insured -- but she does seem to want to collect.

Does your cat scratch you?

Images via taylorswift/Instagram

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