8 Super Creepy Things Homeowners Have Found Around the House

Caroline Olney | Mar 12, 2015 Home & Garden

When you buy a house, you don't know that much about it. Sure, you have the square footage jotted down somewhere and a report about the last time the hot water heater was replaced, but you don't know that if you pry off that weird looking panel in the living room you might find a mummy back there. (No joke. That happened). 

You could also find $175,000 worth of marijuana in the backyard or dinosaur bones under the steps. You just don't know what else has (or is) living there.

So just to make you nervous about what sorts of unwelcome roommates you might have, we found the most OMG things that people have found lying around their property. Scared? Well you haven't seen anything yet.

What's the craziest thing you've found in your house?


Image via Frans de Waal/Facebook

  • Snakes. So many snakes.


    Image via Associated Press/YouTube

    Most of us would be freaking out if we had to cart 40 or 50 garter snakes off our property in buckets every day ... but despite this horror, one couple didn't start freaking out until they removed the drywall in their house and snakes came tumbling out of the walls. Ok, that's worse. So, so much worse.

  • Live grenades.


    Image via Fox 6 News

    YUP. LIVE GRENADES. AKA, their house could have blown up at any time, because these babie were living in their attic.

  • An unimaginable number of bats.


    Image via FCN

    And by unimaginable, we mean 800. Maybe you can imagine that, but what about actually living with them? One woman had to hear them, smell them, AND share the bathroom with them for months.

  • A graveyard.


    Image via Daily Mail

    Yeah, you hear stories all the time about people stumbling on dead bodies scattered around their property ... but what about an entire burial site? All this guy wanted was a new swimming pool, but instead he got the ghosts of 15 colonials. Bummer.

  • An 8-foot alligator.


    Image via John and Sharon Bente/Daily Mail

    In the swimming pool. With the lead pipe. Just kidding about the pipe, but forreal. This monster was taking making himself at home in one couple's ENCLOSED pool. Apparently, he snuck through a hole in the fence and was searching for a swamp to call his own. Or something like that.

  • A 2-foot long earth worm.


    Image via Daily Mail

    Sure, it's a lot smaller than the alligator, but given the nature of earth worms, we kind of find this more disturbing. The guy who found it in his gutter thought it was a snake at first ... which, at 20 inches, would have made more sense. It freaked a lot of people out and stumped scientists, who couldn't figure out how it got to be so big.

  • A woolly mammoth.


    Image via YouTube

    Not a living one, obviously (this guy was 12,000 years old), but the size of this bone alone is pretty terrifying. Eventually, paleontologists found the whole mammoth except for the skull ... all in one dude's backyard.

  • Foxes on the trampoline.


    Image via Daily Mail

    Alright, we admit it. This one is more adorable than terrifying ... but still a little worrisome. Not the kind of playdate we had in mind for the kids, you know?

  • Dracula himself.


    Image via Frans de Waal/Facebook

    Yeah, you're right. This is not, in fact, a vampire, but one of a breed of gigantic bats called grey-headed flying foxes. But there's no way you can convince us that he's any less terrifying. 

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