Obese Dachshund That Quit Burgers & Dropped 44 Pounds Looks Like a Dog Again (PHOTOS)


A Dachshund in Ohio has a new leash, er, lease, on life thanks to a diet that helped him drop 75 percent of his body weight. Dennis the weiner dog looked more like a stuffed sausage thanks to his previous owner feeding him nothing but burgers, pizza, and other frat boy favorites. 


We get it -- who can resist sneaking a little extra treat to their pup -- especially when they use their cute doggy wiles -- like those big sad eyes and cocked heads -- on us. But as much as they might love it in the moment, we're really hurting them in the long run. 

Thankfully for Dennis, new owner Brooke Burton adopted him and not only broke him of his fast food habit but also got him walking again. The pooch's new treats? Love and affection. 

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The slimmed-down dog, who dropped from 56 pounds to a much healthier 12, even underwent surgery to remove excess skin so he'd have an easier time walking and going up and down stairs. 

Exercise is so important for any pup but how much your dog needs really depends on your pet's age and breed, so speak with your vet to make sure your pooch is getting the right amount. 

Prevention offers the following tips for keeping your pet healthy:

Steer clear of table scraps. Studies have shown that pets live longer, healthier lives if they're in good shape. Yet 40 to 70 percent of the pet population is overweight or obese, which puts added stress on his musculoskeletal system, heart, and lungs.

Get annual checkups. We're so used to seeing our pet every day that we don't even notice he's packing on the pounds. The experts at Prevention also note: 

If owners brought their animals in for more regular exams and did so sooner, they would not only avoid many expensive visits to the emergency clinic but also save their pets from needless suffering.

"Treat" your pet in other ways. Our society equates offering food treats with showing our love to our pets. But more isn't better when it comes to those tasty biscuits. Instead of rewarding your dog with food, take him for a walk to a park, spend some extra time playing fetch, or just giving him some good belly rubs. Fun doesn't always mean extra calories. 

How do you keep your pet's weight under control? 


Images via Mr.TinDC/Flickr & PioneerPress/Twitter

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