Let Us Guess Which U.S. State You Live in Based on Your Personality

Liz Alterman | Mar 11, 2015 Home & Garden
Let Us Guess Which U.S. State You Live in Based on Your Personality

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Everyone's familiar with those stereotypes about residents of certain states -- like the laid back California surfers or those aggressive New Yorkers. While some generalizations hold an inkling of truth, the findings of a recent study by personality assessor Truity may surprise you!

By analyzing data given by 13,000 U.S. residents across psychological metrics, Truity determined which personality types reside in which states. 

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Molly Owens, Truity CEO, says the results are eye-opening because they challenge some of the notions we have about the kinds of people who live in different states.

Do you consider yourself creative, competitive, or a real character? Find out if you're living among like-minded folk and then tell us: Did they get your home state right?


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  • If You're Competitve, You Must Live In ...


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    Illinois. Home to the Chicago Marathon and one of the world's busiest airports, Illinois residents are on the move and looking to lead the pack. (Lots of competitive types were also found in Delaware, New Hampshire, Kansas, and Colorado.)

  • If You're Open-Minded, You Must Live In ...


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    Rhode Island. Owens said, surprisingly, the smallest state in America topped the chart when it came to open-mindedness. While we tend to think of the creative types clustered on the coasts, Massachusetts and Virginia also ranked high, she pointed out, as did Alaska, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and West Virginia.

  • If You're Focused, You Live In ...


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    South Dakota. Because the economy of this state is primarily based on agricultural production, it makes sense that its residents would be highly organized and focused. Wyoming, also known for its wheat crops, comes in second on Truity's survey. (Other highly-organized people reside in New Mexico, Minnesota, and Montana.)

  • If You're Introverted, You Live In ...


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    Vermont or Kentucky. Because both of these states are rural, it makes sense that their residents are people who've sought out peace and quiet, Owens noted. (Other introverts shy away from the public in South Dakota, Idaho, and West Virginia.)

  • If You're Extroverted, You Live In ...


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    Nevada. "Nevada is an extrovert's paradise," Owens said. Las Vegas  alone offers plenty of career choices for those with outgoing personalities. From card dealers to waitresses, those interested in engaging with the public have plenty of options. (Extroverts also flock to Montana, Arkansas, Wyoming, and Wisconsin.)

  • If You're Resilient, You Live In ...


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    Montana. Known as Big Sky Country, Montana offers plenty of rugged, outdoor activities which might explain why its residents are so resilient. (Other folks who are quick to bounce back live in Alabama, Arkansas, New Hampshire, and Idaho.)

  • If You're Neurotic, You Live In ...


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    South Dakota. Owens said the states that filled the top 10 slots when it came to having the most neurotic residents all had one thing in common: cold climates. Being forced to live among harsh weather conditions with less sunshine may have contributed to folks being not as happy as those living in warmer areas. (Other top states with neurotic residents include Delaware, Kentucky, Vermont, and Illinois.)

  • If You're a Character, You Live In ...


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    Delaware. How did The First State take the top spot as home to the most "characters?" Owens said because the state is very "business and start-up friendly," it attracts innovators and free thinkers. (Characters also hang out in Kentucky and Vermont.)

  • If You're Friendly Yet Conservative, You Live In ...


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    North or South Dakota. The down-to-earth residents of the Dakotas are focused on agriculture and tourism so they're community-minded and welcoming. 

  • If You're Critical, You Live In ...


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    Colorado, Illinois, or Indiana. These residents love a good debate! Owens said it was interesting to see that the most critical people seem to live "in a band in the middle of the U.S," leading her to wonder if perhaps they started off on the East coast and are gradually moving west. (More critics live in Iowa, Kansas, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania.)

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