The 5 Types of Kitchen Technology We Really Need

turkey will text you

High-tech kitchen appliances can be fun for a minute, but they're often totally impractical too. And while it would be a novelty to have your Thanksgiving turkey text you to let you know it's reached an ideal 165 degrees, we can't help but ask: Is that really necessary? I mean, c'mon, I use my Crock-Pot all the time and never once have I wished I could change its setting from my smart phone. But ... do I wish that my coffee maker would compost its grounds without me ever having to lift a finger? Um, only like twice a day! 


So, with all this technology available to us, we'd like to see it put to better use. Here are some appliances we could really get behind!

A self-unloading dishwasher -- Gone are the days of fighting over who gets stuck sorting the silverware. Just be sure to duck as the cups and saucers go floating toward your cabinets Bewitched-style.

A garbage can that takes itself out -- Imagine having this fun conversation: "Honey, have you seen the trash can?" "Why, yes, it just passed through the living room and is headed out to the curb. If you have more you'd like to throw away, you can text it and ask it to make a u-turn."

The crumb-less toaster oven -- Never again ask, What's that burning smell? when making a sandwich. Maybe there's a little hamster in the bottom feasting on all those delicious crunchy bits or perhaps this appliance is so forward-thinking it recycles those crumbs and forms a whole new slice!

The well-priced self-cleaning microwave -- Is the inside of your microwave polka dotted with more red splatters than a murder scene straight out of Dexter? A self-cleaning microwave that retails for less than a used car might be a nice addition to your kitchen. Then you can feel free to nuke the heck out of those hard boiled eggs and pastas!

The meal-making machine a la The Jetsons -- Remember how George, Judy, and the kids could sit down and order up any one of a variety of dinners? Sure, you've got take-out or healthy DIY options like Plated or Blue Apron, but with this gadget, you could make your decision and presto! dinner arrives seconds later. 

I suppose it would be pretty neat if my kettle sent me an email asking if I'd like a cup of tea, but I just don't think I'm there yet. These inventions, on the other hand? Sign me up!

What your idea of the ideal appliance?


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