14 Awkward Neighbor Stories From the Unwilling 'Victims' Next Door

neighbors gardening in speedos

There's a reason the saying fences make good neighbors is so popular -- and considered so accurate. While you might never know what goes on behind closed doors, once the folks next door bring the crazy outside, it's on full display! If you thought you were living beside a real life freak show, you're not alone. 


We asked moms to share some of the craziest things they've seen their neighbors do. For obvious reasons, many chose to remain anonymous! 

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1. "When I was growing up, one of our neighbors would go out and pick up leaves by hand every morning. He would then get down on his hands and knees with a pair of scissors and cut the grass that was growing a little too tall. He was very very fussy about his yard." -- Coala, CafeMom member

2. "We had a neighbor who stood outside in the middle of the night, directing troops in battle. Loudly, and with lots of cursing. He accused my son of being AWOL and ordered him back in formation. My son was 9 and freaked out. His mother told me he was harmless, but we moved as quickly as we could." -- Anonymous 9

3. "Just last week I witnessed a man snow-blowing his driveway with no shirt on. It was below zero with the wind chill. He had on a scarf, hat, pants, boots, and gloves. LOL." -- Brettsmomma, CafeMom member 

4. "(A) 60-year-old man in a Speedo painting his driveway." --Lexsismommy, CafeMom member 

5. "My neighbors used to drink too much and fight in their backyard, over which my only bathroom looked. One night, she must have passed out inside, and he performed a whole drunk monologue of love to her." -- Sheri R.

6. "Well, this weekend they spent about four hours blowing leaves from their lawn into a big pile in my backyard." -- Anonymous 16

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7. "They had their curtains open and our windows are right across from each other. I looked out our windows just in time to see our naked and very overweight neighbor standing at the window. I looked away quickly, but I'm pretty sure I'm scarred for life." -- Anonymous 4

8. "We had a neighbor directly across the street from us that used to ride around on his riding mower in his white briefs. He looked like Bobby Hill though, so it wasn't a pretty sight." -- Missdameanor, CafeMom member

9. "It was 55 out and our newly divorced neighbor came over in a bikini to ask my husband to help her get a ladder out of her attic." -- La_Bella_Vita, CafeMom member

10. "A man chasing his wife/girlfriend down the alley behind our apartment with a butcher knife!" -- Mum2wyatt, CafeMom member 

11. "I had one about a 60-year-old couple who would lay out tanning in their driveway in thong bikinis. You haven't seen anything until you see an elderly, hairy, pushing-250-lb man in a leopard thong and his ungroomed bikini area wife. Funny thing is they had a fenced-in yard they could have used." -- Ra1nbowk1sses, CafeMom member

12. "Mowing his lawn at night after dark with a head lamp on his head. He didn't work and was home most of the day. Not sure why he did that periodically. Neither safe or smart." -- Anonymous 5

13. "My neighbors have five dogs that they let potty on the deck because they don't have a fenced yard. Then they grill out and invite us over. I'll pass. I'm not stepping on your giant doggy toilet." -- Girlie2, CafeMom member

14. "My neighbor across the street owns a bar and restaurant. Each year, he has a big party for his employees and is very good about notifying the neighbors that there may be a lot of cars, people, etc. on that party date. One morning, the party was still going and I went to get the paper. I look up and there is a totally naked, large breasted gal jumping up and down on the diving board. That was a A LOT to see at 7 a.m.!!" -- Anonymous 18

What's the craziest thing you've witnessed in your neighborhood? 

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