Irish Setter Poisoned at The Last Place You'd Expect

dog murdered at crufts

This is just a punch to the gut. Some sick low-life murdered a semi-famous dog! Three-year-old award-winning Irish Setter Jagger was fed poisoned beef during a public exhibition and died shortly thereafter. You don't have to be an animal-lover for this story to make you sick. 


What kind of twisted person would do something so evil? Apparently, overly-obsessed dog breeders, trainers, and show folks have gotten up to weird and twisted antics in the past. Sabotage isn't unheard of, with one trainer being banned from competition after slipping drugs to a dog! WTF?! 

Jagger's devastated owners are much more civilized and decent than I would be if someone murdered my dog -- and for such a petty reason! Since the event took place at the popular Crufts competition, it has come under considerable scrutiny. But they have stated publicly that they don't believe it was a fellow competitor -- and they are working hard to make it clear that this isn't typical of dog shows. The poor guys. The last thing they should have to be doing after losing their pup is trying to validate what they do for a living! That's just awful. 

Authorities are still looking for the person who killed Jagger and allegedly got another dog present at Crofts sick. When this sort of thing happens to an animal, it's doubly troubling because there is literally nothing an animal could do to ever deserve such foul, cruel treatment. The fact that whoever did this is still walking around free is a crime, and I hope won't be the case for much longer. 

What do you think of dog shows?


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