5 Ways Google Flights Can Make Planning Your Family Vacation Easier

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Welp, Google just found yet another perfect solution to your life. If you like how convenient searching for cheap flights on sites like Kayak and Expedia has gotten, you'll love all the extras you get from Google Flights.


1. Compare ticket prices for different days. You know ticket prices can fluctuate from one day to the next -- and technically you can compare those prices if you re-do your search over and over again. Well, Google Flight makes that a whole lot easier by showing you a calendar with changes in pricing.

google flight calendar

And check out the bar graph at the bottom of the calendar, which shows you how the price fluctuates over a two-month period. Good to know.

2. Find the best value for the price. Google will highlight the "best flights" by combining price with speed. But you'll also be able to tell how much you can save by choosing a layover versus a nonstop flight. Their top pick for you is in green.

google flight best

3. Get tips on saving more. Google will suggest options that can save you even more on your flight, if you're flexible on things like dates, times, and airports.

google flight tip


4. Let Google select a destination. Say you've got a window -- your kids' spring break -- but you're open to any destination. Enter your dates, click on the map, and Google will find a deal for you, based on your search history and what's popular. It can also do the reverse, find best dates based on a given destination.

google flight feeling lucky

And notice how Google shows you prices for other destinations for the same dates on the map as well.

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5. Track flights. If you find a flight that looks promising, but you aren't ready to buy yet, you can click the "save this itinerary" button. Then the Google Now app will track the price of that flight, and can let you know if the price drops significantly.

google flight track

Oh, and Google wouldn't be Google if they didn't also recommend hotels for your flights!

So there you go -- yet another way that Google is taking over your life in their mission for world domination making your life easier, helping you plan your next family vacation.

What's something else that would help you plan vacations?


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