Woman Forced to Move Because of Neighbors' Kinky Sex Parties

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Whenever you move into a new home or apartment, you always hope for good neighbors. And if you don't have the kind who arrive with fresh-baked muffins to welcome you to the neighborhood, the best you can hope for is clean and quiet, right? Well, one woman was forced to move when she found herself unwittingly living across from a real-life Fifty Shades of Grey instruction class. 


Christine Schoenwald explains that the bondage, domination, submission, and masochism lessons that took place across the street from her L.A. apartment initially held a train-wreck-like appeal for her and her neighbors: 

Whenever they had one of these classes, it felt as if the whole neighborhood had been invited. No need to grab any binoculars -- just settle down on your couch, and enjoy the show.

'Did you hear them last night?'

'Yeah, that was intense.' My neighbors and I would discuss the previous night’s class as if it were an episode of How to Get Away with Murder.

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But Schoenwald says what started out as a kinky homegrown reality show quickly devolved into something that wore not just on her nerves but her pets' as well:

Normally my cats were very good about using their litter boxes, but on sex-class nights, my cats would get nervous, jumpy, and would pee on a rolled up futon or a butterfly chair.

There goes the neighborhood! Can you imagine? And you thought the teen next door and his garage band were destroying your peaceful evenings!

What if you had a newborn you were trying to get to sleep or, possibly even worse, a preschooler who'd repeat what he heard to his whole class! All that talk of spanking would surely land you a visit from Child Protective Services or, at the very least, an uncomfortable talk with the teacher. 

It seems like unfortunately the person who bore the most pain in this scenario was one who never even enrolled in the class! Schoenwald, tired of having her nights dominated by sadomasochists, packed up her cats and hit the road. Can't say we blame her a bit!

Has the Fifty Shades craze infiltrated your neighborhood yet?


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