9 Clever Kitchen Trash & Recycling Solutions

Liz Alterman | Mar 11, 2015 Home & Garden

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While garbage certainly isn't a glamorous subject, keeping messes and inevitable waste or recycling conveniently contained can be pretty exciting. We found multiple hacks for potentially improving your trash situation. 

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We never would've thought of #7 but we're definitely going to try it!

Do you have any kitchen garbage hacks that make your life easier and cleaner? 

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  • 3-Bin Cabinet


    Image via Homevisions.com

    Disguised as an island, this three-bin cabinet hides your trash as well as your recycling. (Homevisions.com, $169.95)

  • Easy-to-Find Garbage


    Image via KitchenSource.com

    The kids have no more excuses for not finding the garbage or recycling anymore, thanks to this trash chute in the countertop! Heck, you can even create a foul line and get them to toss it in if it helps you keep the kitchen tidy. 

    This countertop, available at KitchenSource.com, retails for less than $200, depending on the size. 

  • Island Storage


    Image via Amazon

    A roomy kitchen cart not only offers extra counter space but storage space too. Tuck away your garbage bin out of sight. 

  • Stackable Trash Storage


    Image via TheContainerStore

    If you have a small kitchen, consider a two-in-one narrow container where you can stack garbage and recyclables without taking up tons of space. 

  • DIY Plastic Bag Container


    Image via The Family Handyman 

    This clever idea from The Family Handyman helps get those unwieldy plastic bags all in one organized place: an empty tissue box. A simple thumbtack holds it in place. It's perfect for storing small cleaning rags too. 

  • Ready-to-Roll Bags


    Image via SimplyOrganized

    Who knew? Paper towel holders can help you get organized when it comes to your garbage and recycling bags. Mounting them to the door of cabinets allows you to slide those rolls right on and have easy, organized access to the trash bags. 

  • Odor Minimizer


    Image © Steve Buckley/shutterstock

    Despite your best efforts to keep all those scraps inside the garbage bag, many times small bits of food or coffee grinds end up collecting on the inside of the can, stinking up your otherwise lovely kitchen. Next time you clean your garbage can, sprinkle a few tablespoons of baking soda in the bottom after it's dry to absorb odors.

  • Newspaper Liner


    Image @Gena96/shutterstock

    Lining your garbage pail with a newspaper can spare you from lots of extra cleaning if you have a leak or spill. Simply places a few sheets at the bottom beneath your plastic bag, and you're good to go.

  • Mobile Mini Garbage


    Image via Amazon

    Do your little ones make a big mess just walking their trash to the garbage can? Well, here's a simple solution. Place a plastic bag inside a cereal container and keep it close to the table so kids can pitch the rubbish in easily. Great for the car too!

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