These Naughty Home Accessories Will Make You Blush (PHOTOS)

private parts rug
Looking for something to spice up your home? How about the perfect sexy rug! Now don't give me that bored look -- you have never, I mean NEVER seen rugs like these. I'm serious.

Feast your eyes on the Private Parts rug series by Cold Picnic: Three highly original rug designs you won't see anywhere else because OMG, they depict naked bodies. But in a charming, tasteful way. You have your choice between full-color breasts, black and white breasts, and a carefully-trimmed pudendum.

Don't worry, the minimalist designs are safe for work. We think?

Would any of these rugs work in your home?


Image via Cold Picnic

  • It's Not What You Think!


    Image via Cold Picnic

    First up, we have this simple, elegant line drawing of boobs. Or maybe it's just an abstract design, just two letters U with dots. No big deal!

    (2' by 3' wool rug, $264 from Cold Picnic)

  • Yes, It IS What You Think


    Image via Cold Picnic

    Note: Boobs illustrated on this rug are not to scale. OR ARE THEY??? I guess it depends.


  • For the Nursery


    Image via Cold Picnic

    Maybe it's just me, but this rug is making me lactate. I'm picturing it decorating a baby's room up until you wean. What a lovely way to celebrate breastfeeding!

    (2' by 3' wool rug, $264 from Cold Picnic)

  • But Does It Come in Other Colors?


    Image via Cold Picnic

    I think that's what this woman is thinking here. She looks a bit disappointed, like maybe the rug designer is her boyfriend, and she's wondering whose breasts these are modeled after if not her own.

  • Never Host a Playdate Ever Again


    Image via Cold Picnic

    With this naughty rug you'll never have to host a play date ever again. At any age! Because parents of babies and toddlers will be too horrified, and older kids will be embarrassed.

    So will your own children, but they'll forgive you. Hopefully?

    (2' by 3' wool rug, $264 from Cold Picnic)

  • Keep It in the Bedroom!


    Image via Cold Picnic

    No really. If you want to keep hosting play dates -- and want to avoid embarrassing your kids -- maybe keep this rug in the bedroom. Bonus: It'll remind you to have sex!


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