IKEA Introduces Furniture With an Exciting New Twist

Ikea introduces new furniture that charges your phone I love IKEA. Sure, you need an engineering degree to put together a simple chest of drawers and the patience of Mother Teresa to navigate the maze that is the Swedish superstore, but still, you can find some pretty amazing things there. And, the retailer's latest offering is no exception. Furniture that wirelessly charges your phone will make its debut in mid-April. 


What a novel idea! Did the Hallelujah chorus just start playing in anyone else’s head? Because it sure did in mine! Seriously, how many times has this happened to you? You're sitting on the couch checking email or about to send a text when you get the "low battery" message and next thing your phone does a Sopranos-ending-ish fade to black. And you're all "Wha??"

Now, if you're like me, you know that finding an available charger in a home with three phone-addicted kids is like the techy equivalent of locating the holy grail. And let's face it: By the time I secure one and plug that sucker into the wall, I won't be able to remember who I was about to text in the first place. So, needless to say, I'm totally psyched to hear about this new furniture line. 

OK, so it's a little (er, a lot) Jetson-y, but, hey, I'll get used to it. (Now if only Ikea would come out with that robot maid to match, I'd really be in heaven!)

This means maybe, just maybe, I won't have to see those maddeningly short little white cords (that look frighteningly like mouse tails!) poking out from under beds, desks, and chairs. Maybe I can finally say goodbye to the rude awakening of stepping barefoot on the business end of a charger someone left on the playroom carpet. 

As great as it sounds, are you afraid your older phone won't jibe with this new technology? Not to worry. Once again IKEA has thought of everything. 

While the iPhone and older versions of the Galaxy S don't support wireless charging, Ikea announced it will sell unique charging covers for the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, and the past three generations of Samsung Galaxy S phones as well. So, after slipping your phone into one of these magic little cases, they'll work with just about any wireless charger!

But, what if you love your couch and can't bear to replace it with one of these plug-in pieces? IKEA has a solution for that as well. The store sells a hole saw that can be used to drill a circle in your existing furniture (hello, DIYers!) that creates the perfect space for an IKEA wireless charger.

On the downside, if you're a big fan of the "Oh-sorry-my-phone-died" excuse, the jig is nearly up!

Will you buy this furniture?

Images @ Tooykrub/shutterstuck & B101FM/Twitter

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