Beach or Suburbs? 5 Personality Traits That Reveal Where You Should Settle Down

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Whether you like where you live or feel just eh, you've made a home there -- and where you settle down says a LOT about you. And we're not talking the obvious, like "People in California like sunshine" or "Everyone in New York is in a rush." Read on for some cool little factoids about where you live and see if your location's a good fit -- or if it's time to get a move on.


1. If you're shy, head for the hills.

Michigan State researchers have found a strong link between personality and terrain. One of their findings: that introverts prefer to live in mountainous areas, finding the wooded and secluded terrain to be peaceful and calming. (And probably to avoid running into people at the grocery store every time they need a box of tampons.)

2. Party-goers love the beach.

That same study showed that extroverts are the opposite -- they prefer living in places that are flat and open. (Their take: they're more sociable and stimulating.) Hey, all those seasons of Jersey Shore can't be wrong.

3. Take a look at your neighbors. You're just like them.

We gravitate towards people that are so similar to us in personality that, according to U.K. researchers, the U.S. could really be divided into three regions. People in the South and north-central Great Plains are super-friendly and conventional. Live on the East or West coast and you're relaxed and creative. And don't get mad, New Englanders and Mid-Atlantic residents, but you're, um, tempermental.

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4. You could be stressed because you live in the $%## Stress Belt.

You've heard of the Bible Belt and the Rust Belt. Did you know America also has a Stress Belt? It's a cluster of "highly neurotic" states in the Northeast. States that struggle with high rates of poverty, like West Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi also score high in anxiety and stress.

5. Love Jeb Bush? Move to the 'burbs.

If your politics lean to the right, you'll find plenty of like-minded peeps in a community where schools, stores, and restaurants are a few miles from your house and you need to drive most places. Liberal people, on the other hand, are more likely to live in neighborhoods where they can walk.

Are you happy with where you live?


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