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13 Desperate Measures People Are Taking to Stay Warm This Long Winter

cold man

Is it me, or does it feel like we're never, ever going to be warm EVER AGAIN? It's the last week of February, and winter is not giving up without a fight. I'm afraid we won't be handing Old Man Winter his coat and forcing him out the door until well into March (fingers crossed!). Meanwhile, here's how folks are keeping their bone-chilled, weary, desperate selves warm these days.

How are you keeping warm these days?


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1Snuggle With Everyone

Everyone, under the covers and commence snuggling! Even you, doggy. We need every warm body we can spare. It's the ultimate snow day spoon.

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2No Really, Snuggle With EVERYONE

No, you know what? We need MORE people to stay warm. EVERYONE! Group cuddle! With your hats on!

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3Wear a Sleeping Bag

When that down parka isn't enough, it's time to wear a sleeping bag. I mean, your arms are just going to get cold off on their own in sleeves, you know?


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4Even Better: Share a Sleeping Bag

But it's not enough to wear a sleeping bag. You should wear a sleeping bag with another person. It's much, much warmer that way.

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5Burrow Into a Duvet

Oh to be a kitty cat all wrapped up in blankets. And to have your own coat of fur! Prrrr....

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6Leave Only Your Nose & Eyes Peeking Out

I make this same face every morning when I realize it's still winter out there and I have to get out and go to my job.

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Hot toddy, anyone? Manhattan? Vodka straight out of the bottle like you live in Siberia because kind of, yeah, you do right now?

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8Build Fires

If you didn't have this much wood at the beginning of winter, you're cold. Or you don't have a fireplace. And you're cold.

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10Keep Your Hat On

Keep your furry kitty cat hat on, and don't take it off until April. Cozy.

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11Wear an Animal on Your Head

Oh man, the Spiewak snorkel parka provides. Oh yes, it provides. (Faux fur is still warm fur.)

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12Wear an Animal Anywhere

A puppy insert is the warmest winter accessory around. Yip!


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