8 'Cheap' Springtime Fixes That Really Boost Your Home's Value

Liz Alterman | Mar 4, 2015 Home & Garden
8 'Cheap' Springtime Fixes That Really Boost Your Home's Value

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What if you could beautify your home and add to its overall value without breaking the bank? Sounds good to me! If the long winter has made you more ready than ever to get a jump on the spring cleaning bandwagon, take a look at these suggestions from realtors that'll increase your home's worth without setting you back a bundle. 

Small changes, like a fresh coat of paint or carpet cleaning, can yield a surprisingly large return on investment, according to the real estate experts at Home Gain.

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Check out #4 -- who knew this could add so much value!

Do you have any home improvements planned for spring?

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  • Curb Appeal


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    A little landscaping could go a long way. According to Home Gain, investing $540 in sprucing up the yard can add as much as $1,932 in value to your home. 

  • Kitchen & Bath Upgrades


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    You spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so why not make it as appealing as possible? Bathroom upgrades can add style as well as convenience -- especially to older homes. An investment of $1,265 could yield as much as $3,435. 

  • Interior Painting


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    A fresh coat of paint can give a room a quick facelift. Erasing all those dirty fingerprints will lift your spirits as well as your property value, according to Home Gain. Spending $1,012 on an interior paint job will add $2,112 in value to your home.

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  • Cleaning & Decluttering


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    Straightening up any room can improve its appearance tenfold. For as little as $290, spent on organizing bins or baskets or the help of a cleaning person, you'll realize an almost 600 percent return on investment, according to Home Gain

  • Shampoo or Replace Carpets


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    If you've got some flooring that's looking a little worse for wear, it could be time to either give it a good cleaning or replace it, both of which can offer a big return on investment. If you put approximately $647 into the job, you'll see your home value increase by $1,730.

  • Exterior Painting


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    You know the expression "You never get a second chance to make a first impression" -- well, your home's exterior is where most guests will form their initial opinion of your dwelling. If your paint is peeling, that's not a good look. But investing $1,467 in a good paint job can up your property value by as much as $2,222. 

  • Floor Repairs


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    Gleaming hardwood floors aren't just lovely to look at, they're a great investment. Putting in $931 to floor repairs will increase your home's value by $1,924. 

  • Electrical & Plumbing Repairs


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    Making electrical and plumbing repairs won't just improve the quality of your life, it'll add value to your home. Spending $535 on repairs can pay big dividends, upping your home's worth by $1,505, according to Home Gain. 

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