Popular Dog Food May Be Responsible for Illnesses & Death, Lawsuit Claims

baneful killing pets If you're a dog owner, you may want to check the brand of food you're serving man's best friend. California resident Frank Lucido has filed a lawsuit against Purina PetCare Company alleging that Beneful dry kibble dog food is responsible for the illness or death of thousands of dogs.


Lucido, who owned three dogs, began feeding the pets only Beneful between late December and early January, according to the suit. By the end of January, all three pooches, who were living separately due to home renovations, fell ill, with one, an English Bulldog, ultimately dying. 

Jeffrey B. Cereghino, a lawyer representing Lucido, told NBC News:

All three of them weren't exposed to a singular condition. The one constant they had was they were all eating the same dog food.

The lawsuit blames toxic ingredients in Beneful, including propylene glycol, a component of automotive antifreeze, and mycotoxins, produced by mold found in grains, for the pets’ sickness and death.

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In response to the lawsuit, Purina stated:

There are no quality issues with Beneful. We believe the lawsuit is baseless, and we intend to vigorously defend ourselves and our brand. Beneful had two previous class action suits filed in recent years with similar baseless allegations, and both were dismissed by the courts.

Have you ever served this product to your pet? 


Image © Eric Isselee/shutterstock

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