The Fire Danger Sitting in Your Home's Windowsill

Fans of Nutella probably only think of the yummy treat as dangerous when it comes to its addictive powers. But one family in London lost their home after an empty glass jar of the chocolatey-hazelnut spread sitting on a windowsill caught the sun's ray, and reflected them, causing the window blinds to ignite. The devastating fire destroyed the home's roof and first floor, and ultimately killed the family's Jack Russell, Chili.


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Fortunately, the family wasn't home at the time, but sadly, they've been told they won't be able to move back in for at least a year. 

As shocking as it sounds, investigators from the London Brigade, which extinguished the blaze, say fires sparked by glass are not as uncommon as you'd think and recommend double checking your windowsills for glass objects and crystals that may pose a hidden danger.

As heartbreaking as it is for this family, this story serves as an important reminder. How many times are we focused on re-purposing a glass jar as a catch-all or a decorative item that you never stop to think of it as a potential fire starter. 

Next time you wash out those old jam or jelly jars and start your next Pinterest-inspired craft, take a second to think about a safe spot to place them!

Do you re-purpose glass jars in your home? 


Image via Diego Torres Silvestre/Flickr

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