Forget 'Hot Guys Reading' -- Here's What Really Makes a Man Hot! (PHOTOS)

hot dad changing diaper

Have you seen the Instagram account Hot Dudes Reading that just popped up last week but already has 133,000 followers? Of course that's a turn-on; who doesn't love a literary man? But when you're a mom, you'd probably rather hear your guy quoting Willy Wonka instead of William Shakespeare if it keeps the kids happy (and quiet!).


For many women, the definition of "hotness" changes once you're a mom. Yeah, muscles are nice but only if you're using them to move mountains of laundry toward the washing machine and dryer. Those broad shoulders are great as long as you've got the baby up there and you're burping her while we make dinner. (You see where I'm going with this.)

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We contemplated all the things that truly make a man a catch -- like #3, big time! Now we want to know: What makes a guy hot in your opinion?

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