12 Bold Paint Color Trends to Add Spark to Your Dull, Fingerprint-Smeared Walls (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Feb 13, 2015 Home & Garden
12 Bold Paint Color Trends to Add Spark to Your Dull, Fingerprint-Smeared Walls (PHOTOS)

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If you're tired of looking at those dirty fingerprints on your walls or have noticed some marks and chips that have been driving you crazy all winter, a fresh coat of paint can give any room a facelift without doing permanent damage to your budget. Whether you're looking to bring a little excitement, warmth, or tranquility to your domain this year, we've found some bold color trends for 2015 that will take your living spaces to the next level.

If you're afraid to go all-in with a dramatic shade, don't worry, the color experts we talked to suggested complementary neutral colors that will offset those bold hues. 

For example, the yellowish-green of the kitchen pictured above pairs Benjamin Moore's Timothy Straw with the brand's soothing Créme Fraiche. The paint purveyor suggests adding pops of pink, provided by Royal Flush, to brighten up the place.

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If you're looking to usher in spring by adding a fresh feeling to your home, consider one of these 12 stunning shades that are on trend for 2015.

How often do you update your rooms with a new coat of paint? Do you do it yourself or hire a pro?

Image via Benjamin Moore

  • Sonic Blue


    Image via Behr

    If you want to use bright hues, do it strategically, suggest the color specialists at Behr. Because the dining room is a place for lively conversation, why not get people talking with this bold Sonic Blue wall? Pair it with neutral colors, or choose an interesting accent shade like Plastic Lime, shown here on the chair legs.

  • Coral Reef


    Image via Sherwin Williams

    Coral Reef is Sherwin Williams' pick for 2015's color of the year. A vibrant mix of pink, orange, and red, it pairs well with violet and natural greens. Or take it down a notch with light gray and buttery yellows. 

  • Oxford Gray


    Image via Benjamin Moore

    What little guy wouldn't love setting sail for dreamland in this nautical-themed room? The back wall, shown in Benjamin Moore's Oxford Gray, is a great contrast to the Maritime White used on the rest of the room. Together, the shades pair nicely in a child's room, office, or family room. 

  • Guilford Green


    Image via Benjamin Moore

    One of Benjamin Moore's picks for colors of the year is the soothing Guilford Green from its Historical Collection. The neutral shade is a great choice for the bathroom or any space that can benefit from a touch of tranquility.

  • Essential Teal


    Image via Behr

    Behr's Essential Teal turns this otherwise ordinary bedroom into a dramatic inner sanctum where luxury abounds. White trim adds a nice, clean contrast that really makes the bold color pop. 

  • Buttery Yellows


    Image via Restoration Hardware 

    Buttery yellows, like these from Restoration Hardware, are ideal for a nursery -- especially if you don't know the baby's gender. Once your new bundle arrives, add in some pink or blue accents with wall decor or bedding and presto! You're all set. 

  • Antique Jade


    Image via Benjamin Moore

    There's something so peaceful about this cabinet in Benjamin Moore's antique jade, isn't there? We love how the door just outside the room to the left complements the green. That shade, Timothy Straw, is a popular choice for walls and ceilings as well for 2015.

  • Split Pea


    Image via Benjamin Moore

    You love the soup, why not the color? Split pea is vibrant shade for the playroom or the home office. Pictured here, it's used as a perfect accent to the soothing Monroe Bisque wall color.  

  • Cupola Yellow


    Image via Pottery Barn 

    When it comes to your entryway, you want to make a great first impression, so choose a shade that will work well with the adjoining rooms. Here, the Pottery Barn color experts have chosen Sherwin Williams' Cupola Yellow to create a warm, welcoming space that flows nicely into the next space.

  • Secret Blush


    Image via Behr

    Behr's Secret Blush is so pretty, it's perfect for the powder room or a little girl's bedroom. This hue is soft and subtle yet warm and rich at the same time. 

  • Morning Fog


    Image via Pottery Barn

    Sherwin Williams' Morning Fog lends an air of drama and excitement to the home office. Extra White serves as a nice clean backdrop, so you can get your work done in an attractive but not distracting space. 

  • Silver Sage


    Image via Restoration Hardware

    The Silver Sage Paint Collection from Restoration Hardware is perfect for the playroom. While it's gender-neutral, the shade is also calming and works well with whites as well as woods so it will blend seamlessly with your decor. 

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