10 Hilariously Needy Pets That Refuse to Be Ignored (PHOTOS)

woman tries to read dog won't allow it

Ever look down at your super-needy family dog or cat and say, "REALLY, Dog?" or "REALLY, Cat?" We're busy enough as it is, taking care of the kids and the house and a bazillion other things, do we really have time for one more attention-seeker? Take a look at some of the hilarious times pets refused to be ignored as families TRIED to just take care of simple tasks. 


Where are this dog's manners?!! 

Surely this clever kitty is directing her master to play "Pürr Elise." 

This cat's heard enough for one day! Shut. It. Feed. Me. 

No email for you! Must. Nap. Here. Now.


Crazy cat. Or shall we call him -- hamburglar?

Time to wake upppppp! 

Stop texting him and loooooove me ...

Peek-a-boo! Put that paper away and let's play!

Yoga? Without me? I don't think so, lady.

I'll get my pets however I can. Play faster! Faster!

What's the wackiest thing your pet has done to get your attention? 

Image via HeidiCorleyBarto/YouTube

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