10 Pesky Jobs Women Love Outsourcing to Men (PHOTOS)

woman taking out garbage

Even if you think you and your mate share household chores equally, there are probably still some jobs that, for whatever reason, you outsource to your man. Jobs you should probably know how to handle yourself.


For example, if I had a nickel for every flat tire I've ever had that I didn't know how to change, I could probably hire a pit crew. But do you think that's inspired me to grab a jack and learn? Um, not yet. But should it? Absolutely! 

We asked women who are in relationships, or newly single, which jobs they feel they should reluctantly learn or take over just in case and their answers were pretty inspiring. 

Can you do #4? She makes it sound so easy!

Is there a job that your man seems to handle that you know you should probably do yourself?


Image © IakovFilimonov/shutterstock

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