10 Pesky Jobs Women Love Outsourcing to Men (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Feb 9, 2015 Home & Garden

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Even if you think you and your mate share household chores equally, there are probably still some jobs that, for whatever reason, you outsource to your man. Jobs you should probably know how to handle yourself.

For example, if I had a nickel for every flat tire I've ever had that I didn't know how to change, I could probably hire a pit crew. But do you think that's inspired me to grab a jack and learn? Um, not yet. But should it? Absolutely! 

We asked women who are in relationships, or newly single, which jobs they feel they should reluctantly learn or take over just in case and their answers were pretty inspiring. 

Can you do #4? She makes it sound so easy!

Is there a job that your man seems to handle that you know you should probably do yourself?


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  • Weed Whacking


    "I really want to learn how to handle our weed whacker because my husband does such a half-assed job out there and our garden is really important to me," says Lizzie B. "But I'm afraid if I do it once, it'll become my job for the rest of our lives, and I just really don't want to take on one more thing right now." 

  • Cleaning the Tub


    "My ex always used to clean the tub because he was stronger than me, and it really took more arm power than I had to do a thorough job," shares Kiri B. "After we split, that became my job. And yep now it looks like crap!"

  • Pumping Gas


    CafeMom member LilysMama719 admits that she knows how to pump gas but has her husband do it because she just doesn't like it.

    Mom Kathy C. is on the same page. "It's embarrassing, my husband always fills up the tank, and the last time I had to do it, I didn't even know how to get the cap off on our car."

  • Caulking


    "What I learned is that if you can frost a cake, you can caulk," says single mom Adriana V. "In fact, caulking is easier!"

  • Plunging the Toilet


    Recently single mom Mary F. says she's had to take on some new tasks without a man around.

    "I can plunge a toilet like nobody's business now," she says. "The trick is to get the plunger in place, then hit flush and start plunging like crazy. Works like a charm."

  • Inflating Tires


    "This may sound so dumb, but now that I'm single, I figured out how to put air in my tires by myself. Don't know why I ever thought I couldn't do it ... it's a piece of cake!" notes Mary F.

  • Taking Care of Spiders


    Maressa B. says while she can escort spiders out of her home, she still prefers it when her husband takes care of pest control. We don't blame her one bit!

  • Lighting the Grill


    "For years I was afraid I'd set myself on fire if I tried to use our grill," notes Katie J. "But one afternoon I really wanted to make some chicken for some guests and didn't feel like waiting for my husband to get home. He talked me through it over the phone and I couldn't believe how simple it was and how much time I'd wasted when I could've been using it myself all along."

  • Cutting the Grass


    "I know how to mow our lawn, but I absolutely refuse to do it because the mower is so darn heavy ... so my husband is the lawn mower in our family," says Jeanne S. 

  • Shut Off Valves


    Last weekend, when my pipes froze for the second time this winter (!!) and I was frantically warming them with my hair dryer, I realized that if they burst, I had no idea where the shut-off valve was on the main water line.

    "Kids, your dad's not home, quick, build an ark!" just didn't seem like it would do, so I promptly resolved that if I made it through without a flooded house, I'd learn how to prevent a geyser situation going forward. 

    Knowing how to shut off the gas is key as well -- especially for those who live in an area prone to earthquakes!

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