Beloved Cat Hit by Car & Presumed Dead Gives His Family the Shock of Their Lives


Though it's still months before Easter, one family in Florida is enjoying a very unexpected resurrection. Bart, a cat belonging to Ellis Hutson, has somehow returned from the dead after being hit by a car AND buried beneath the ground. (Guess that whole "nine lives" business isn't so far-fetched after all!)


Hutson says he found the lifeless body of the beloved family pet in a pool of blood in the middle of the road two weeks ago. So distraught over losing the cat he'd adored, he asked a friend to bury Bart for him. But -- now here's where it gets freaky -- less than a week later, the cat showed up in a neighbor's yard. Okay, so the once-pretty-kitty might not be looking his best (he has a broken jaw, open wounds, and, sadly, will lose an eye), but he's alive.

Hutson, who is rejoicing at this seemingly impossible re-birth, says he doesn't "have any explanation for it."

While it sounds like something straight out of a Stephen King film, it turns out pets "playing possum" isn't that uncommon. 

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So, before you break the bad news to the kids that your furry family member has passed on, how do you know it's the real deal? (Let's face it: No parent wants to have that discussion -- and all the ensuing tears -- if they don't absolutely have to, right?) 

Veterinarian Dr. Eric Barchas shared his tips for finding out if your pet is truly gone. 

1. Listen to the heart. Barchas notes that this is very difficult for a nonprofessional to do since it's common to hear other noises within the animal and misinterpret them. Best to leave this job to your vet.

2. Assess the breathing. This can be done by anyone, Barchas explains. But you must watch closely as shallow breathing can be hard to see.

3. Check for rigor mortis. The stiffness that occurs after death is a tell-tale sign your pet has passed. The time it takes to set it can vary, however, from just minutes to several hours after death.

Saying goodbye to a pet is never easy on anyone, so being 100 percent sure you really have to can save you plenty of heartache.

Have you ever had a pet rise from the dead?

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