Hilarious Blizzard Memes Take Over the Web as Winter Storm Juno Gears Up

winter storm juno

When it comes to blizzards, including the impending Winter Storm Juno, the first big snowfall of 2015, there are plenty of meme-worthy stereotypes out there: People freaking out and flocking to grocery stores for milk, bread, and toilet paper. Then there are others who refuse to have their routines derailed by a few feet of snow and risk their lives to run errands. Crazy!


Well, some social media users are having a good time laughing in the face of Juno, which forecasters estimate could dump as much as two feet of snow on millions of people in the Northeast. Yikes!

That news probably puts you in the mood for a little cheering up, right? Well, here are some of the funniest memes we've found that strive to make light of the coming blizzard. Enjoy!

The all-important run to the market ...

winter storm juno

But how will you get there? 

winter storm juno

Don't forget liquid refreshments!

winter storm wine

Then there are the die-hards who won't be indulging in carbs or vino during the blizzard ... nor will they miss the gym!

no days off

If you've got little kids, you're gonna need them to help shovel when all this is through! 

girl scooter

winter storm juno

New Yorkers are already preparing for their new skyline.

new york in snow

And this basically sums it up ...

winter storm juno

Images via @bipartison report/Twitter; @jgksocialmedia/Twitter; @Ohio problems/Twitter; winterstorm.juno/Instagram; @aboveaverage/Twitter

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