Glitter & Other 'Mom' Secret Weapons to Send to Your Enemies

glitterWe hope you don't have any enemies. But if you do, there's something you need to know: You can ship your enemies glitter. Okay, you knew that already -- what I mean is that there's a new service that will send an envelope of glitter to your enemy on your behalf for the low, low price of $9.99. Do you know what this means?!?


First, it means you can inflict "the herpes of the craft world" (because it gets everywhere and is impossible to get rid of, as most of us with kids have learned first-hand) without so much as touching the stuff. It's all handled far, far away from your own home.

Secondly, this could be just the beginning. Ask any mom, and we could give you a whole list of crap that would be maddeningly irritating to receive in the mail:

1. The tiniest Lego pieces.

2. Dry Erase flakes.

3. Lice.

4. Cooked cous cous.

5. Play-Doh particles.

6. Filthy playground sand.

7. Magic the Gathering cards.

8. Monopoly game irons.

9. Polly Pocket shoes.

10. Spit-softened teething biscuits.

11. Breakfast cereal dust.

12. Pencil eraser slivers from long division homework.

13. Easter basket grass.

14. Birdseed.

15. Playmobil swords.

16. Moon sand.

17. Oobleck.

18. Disintegrated tissues.

19. Mascara flakes.

20. Baby powder.

What else would you like the glitter people to ship to your enemies?


Image via Palokha Tetiana/Shutterstock

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