Frugal Mom of 4 Resorts to Extreme Shopping Rules to Bust Her $15,000 Debt (VIDEO)

A stay-at-home mother of four from Utah who calls herself the "Queen of Frugal" is an inspiration for all women who desperately want or need to save money but can't seem to get past living paycheck to paycheck.


When a housing project that 28-year-old Jordan Page and her husband, Bubba, were working on together fell apart about four years ago and forced the family into $15,000 credit card debt with practically no salary to live off of, Page didn't break down and give up. She picked herself up, dusted herself off, and made it a point to pinch pennies in a way that will actually be feasible for many women -- yes, even those of us who love our salon blow-outs.

Jordan created a website called Fun Cheap or Free, where she offers tips on how to grocery shop, manage your finances, and continue to look amazing -- without $80 eye shadow.

As a mom whose greatest challenge is figuring out how not to spend $1,000 on groceries every month, I say "hallelujah" to this: Jordan doesn't believe in couponing. AMEN. She admits something I've always felt about the act of clipping coupons: it takes too damn long and rarely applies to meat, produce, and dairy -- the most costly items in our carts.

Jordan claims it's entirely possible to spend no more than $100 per person, per month, on groceries. Say what?! Yes, it's true. I was skeptical, but her tips make total sense. For example, she suggests not stepping foot in a grocery store more than once each week. If you have to, eat toast instead of cereal and use powdered milk -- but don't even think of going out "just for eggs" because you WILL wind up realizing you need cookies, juice, hummus, and $50 worth of other "necessities."

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Some of Jordan's other amazingly smart tips include:

1. Considering expenses like "eating out, Starbucks, and manicures" the way you would junk food in your diet and simply cutting them out.

2. Familiarizing yourself with the many, great $5 and less makeup items on the market so you can continue being your stunning self without breaking the bank.

3. Planning your YEAR in advance -- in other words, decide in January how much to spend on your spouse's June birthday and stick with that plan.

4. Stocking up on next year's school supplies THIS year.

5. Trading babysitting favors with friends so you can still go on date nights without paying a babysitter a small fortune.

6. Plan all of your week's meals ahead of time using leftovers first. Then check out the sales at your store to decide what other dinners you'll prepare that week.

Oh, this woman is so brilliant, I could go on and on.

And did I mention that she is absolutely gorgeous and funny and posts awesome vids like this one? It shows women how to apply fake eyelashes at home so we can save money on costlier cosmetics we really don't need.

It's a good thing Jordan is already married because I do believe my husband would fall head over heels for her.

What do you think of Jordan's money-saving tips? What do you do to save money?


Image via funcheaporfree/Instagram

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