13 Funny & Subversive Home Decor Items That'll Make Your Guests LOL (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Jan 8, 2015 Home & Garden
13 Funny & Subversive Home Decor Items That'll Make Your Guests LOL (PHOTOS)

Baby Legs Coat Hook

If things are looking a little dull around the house now that you've just packed up and put away your singing Santa collection and mistletoe balls, don't despair. There are plenty of fun novelty houseware items that'll liven up your abode and have your family and guests doing double-takes and cracking up in no time!

We found 13 unique and hilarious home decorations that are sure to pull you -- and your home -- right out of those post-holiday doldrums. How outrageous is that coat and key rack made from baby doll parts (pictured above) that we discovered on Blooming Lily?

Check out our slideshow and then tell us: Would you consider adding any of these whimsical items to your home? 


Image via Blooming Lily

  • Welcome (or Not So Welcome) Mat


    Image via Amazon

    Not in the mood for unexpected guests? This, er, welcome mat should do the trick. It also makes a great gift for your more reclusive pals, and, hey, it may even stop those pesky door-to-door solicitors (Amazon, $29.95)!

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  • Comical Cross Stitch


    When you see a framed cross-stitched wall hanging, you think of sweet grandmas spending hours weaving heartfelt sentiments into a thoughtful keepsake that'll be passed down to multiple generations. That's what makes this subversive cross stitch all the more fun -- no one expects a tiny bumble bee alongside some nasty slang (Subversive Cross Stitch, $14 per kit).

  • Mustaches for the Outlets


    Image via Amazon

    Don't you love how those boring, old outlets have been transformed into a funny face with the help of these little mustache decals? Want to add a more masculine touch to the bathroom or get some giggles in the playroom? This is an easy and inexpensive solution to dressing up those dull, white switchplates (Amazon, $7.99)!

  • Doily Coasters That Really Say It All


    While it might deliver the message indelicately, these coasters are sure to keep your guests on their best behavior. Bust them out at your next ladies' night or book club meeting and find out who among your friends appreciates this kind of humor. They seem perfect for a Real Housewives viewing party, don't they (Knock Knock Stuff, $10)?

  • A Clock Perfect for the Bathroom


    Image via BaronBob.com

    Place this toilet clock in the bathroom, and while it might not keep you "regular" (get it?), you're sure to be on time as you enjoy its gentle WHOOSH at the top of each hour. Don't let this opportunity for a little bathroom humor go down the drain (BaronBob, $19.95)!

  • Clever Wall Hanging


    Image via TheFunnySign.com

    If you're trying to get the grandparents to scale back on the sugary snacks, expensive toys, or saying yes to every demand your kids make, let this sign send the message for you (Amazon, $18.54)!

  • iPoop Tank Art


    Image via Amazon

    Did you even know there was such a thing a toilet tank art? We didn't, but if you've got some igadget devotees in your home, they're sure to get a laugh out of this removable decal. And, hey, it could also be a good potty training reminder for the kids (Amazon, $6.66)!

  • Ironic Knife Set


    Image via Amazon

    Looking for a real conversation starter in the kitchen? This knife set will certainly do the trick (Amazon, $159).

    "It is so much fun watching the expressions on people's faces when they first see this knife set," notes proud owner Betty Hobbs.

  • Kitty Wine Holder


    Image via Amazon

    This little kitty sure can hold her liquor! Imagine placing this unique wine holder on the table at your next dinner party. Hopefully, big laughs will follow the intial awkward silence (Amazon, $34.26).

  • Boyfriend Arm Throw Pillow


    Image via Amazon

    Sometimes after a long day you just need a supportive arm around you, right? This decorative throw pillow gives you what you need and won't ask when you'll have dinner ready (Amazon, $19.47).

  • Assault & Battery Salt & Pepper Shakers


    Image via BaronBob.com

    You'll get a kick out of watching condiment-loving guests make the connection between these tongue-in-cheek assault and battery salt and pepper shakers. This kitchy novelty item also makes a fun housewarming gift -- for the right couple (BaronBob, $9.95).

  • Laundry Room Decor


    Image via Amazon

    Need a little levity in the laundry room? This sign will make you feel better if you have a tendency to put off ironing as long as possible -- and who doesn't, right (Amazon, $28.99)?

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