Gas Station Bathroom Is So Unbelievable a Tourist Actually Made a Video of It (WATCH)


Have you ever been on a road trip and encountered a restroom that forced you to do a complete double take? 

Well, one traveler just had an experience so unreal he decided to videotape it! And it left us wondering: If that's the men's room, what does the ladies' room look like? Take a peek!


Can you believe that while traveling through Bohol, in the Philippines, model and TV star Jason Godfrey (and he's looking even finer than that bathroom, let's be honest!) discovered this swanky restroom at a Shell station?! 

If the men's room has a gleaming sink and toilet, framed photos, and wood shelving, what does the ladies' room look like? Crystal chandelier? Intimate blow dry bar and high-end makeup counter? Perhaps an inviting chaise where you can stretch out and rest a spell before getting back in the car to listen to the kids fight about snacks and what's in the DVD player while your hubby barks at the GPS?

And what about the snack shack? Do they offer champagne or freshly-squeezed juices in lieu of bucket-sized soft drinks? Instead of beef jerky and bags of greasy chips, perhaps they serve caviar on toast points? Probably not, but a gal can dream! 

Have you ever encountered a restroom as nice as this while traveling?

Image via YouTube

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