9 Cleaning Ladies Reveal Their Dirtiest Jobs Yet

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Most of us worry that our busy schedules, kids, pets, and just life in general end up turning our homes upside down and into something out of a horror flick. But you don't have to worry too much, because what you think is bad is probably nothing compared to what professional maids see every day.

Employees with NYC-based maid service company MaidSailors and several housekeepers who work in hotels in the Midwest recently confessed all the gruesome details about their most jaw-droppingly dirty experiences. We guarantee you'll cringe!


1. "A high-profile NYC client who may have been a recording artist of some sort had not cleaned his living space in some months. He was consistently out of the country and would now be in NYC more regularly, so he decided to get a full cleaning. There was a saturated sea of clothes, food, wrappers, and empty duffel bags in the living room, which I needed to place in the adjacent rooms in order to clean the living room. I'd need to then cycle this massive collection of garments and trinkets through each room until all of the rooms were clean, and then place them back in the living room, where I packed them up and placed them neatly in the main closet. Towards the end of my shift, I was shocked to see a small kitten hiding under a large, XXXL sweatshirt. He was dirty and scared, but was happy to begin moving freely. I walked over to the drugstore and bought it some chow. I left a note indicating that I had cleaned the apartment and had also bought the cat some food. Later, I found out they he never had a cat! It was a stray who wandered in and hid amongst the clothes over the course of the year."

2. "One client told us that his place was a mess, and he needed to wash his sheets, and his kitchen was full of dirty dishes. He didn't care what I did first, but he explicitly told me to avoid flushing the toilet. I got there, and he was right -- dishes everywhere with pasta sauce residue and his white sheets were so dirty, they resembled a beige color. I cleaned the floor, bedroom and kitchen (amongst the buzzing flies) and made my way to the bathroom. It was actually not that bad except some hair all over the place. (He lived with his girlfriend.) Out of curiosity, I wondered why he told me not to flush the toilet -- assumed it was a plumbing issue. I looked at the closed toilet and opened the lid right before I left his place only to uncover 6 little goldfish swimming freely!" 

3. "I once had to attempt to clean curry out of the carpet because the guests got Indian food and spilled it, thinking nothing of what it would be like to clean two-day-old curry."

4. "I went in a room from a wedding block and found all of the sheets and blankets torn and sheered. No idea what happened, but two queen beds had scrap for linen!"

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5. "This New Year's Eve, I had a guest complain the next day that their bathtub needed to be cleaned. I went in to find that they had vomited in the tub, and it had clogged the drain."

6. "I arrived at a small studio, walked into the room, and to my surprise, it was spotless -- including the kitchen. Clothes were folded neatly around the bed and the floor was well-kept. Initially confused, I double-checked the booking to make sure I was at the right apartment and I called the owner. She was a polite young girl and told me that I definitely was at the right apartment; she put me on hold momentarily and I headed towards the bathroom to use it quickly. I then realized why I was there. I hung up the phone and got to work for the next three hours. Good thing I didn't wear white that day!"

7. "Tenant did not put a 'do not disturb' sign on the door, so when I went to service the room, I discovered the body of a man who had a heart attack while at a conference ..."

8. "I had to do a full two-bedroom cleaning with one tenant in the apartment. I got to the apartment and rang the doorbell. After hearing some ruffling and scrambling, a young man in only a towel (covered from waist down) opened the door and let me in. He told me to do the kitchen, living room, and adjacent bedroom and that I could 'do his room last.' I smiled politely, [as] he seemed normal. He went back into his room, and I realized he must've had some company over. Throughout the afternoon, I heard loud, often explicit, female noises coming from the room ... I giggled and realized why I had to clean that room last. After a while, the noise had died down (I guess he and his female friend got tired ...). I politely knocked on the door and asked if now was a good time to clean? He opened the door (clad in a towel again), and I was shocked. The room was bare with only a bed and a white sheet. There was no girl. All I saw was a laptop ... I told him I had to leave and politely escorted myself out of his apartment."

9. "I was cleaning a four-bedroom apartment with one bathroom. To be honest, I was a bit surprised at the fact that the place wasn't a complete pig-pen given four recent college grads -- all guys -- were living there (I guess they worked a lot). Seemed like pretty typical stuff when I got there. The bathroom was understandably dirty, but nothing that would find itself in a horror film. I zipped through three of the bedrooms easily, but the last room was interesting. I was cleaning under his bed, and I immediately thought, 'Wow - this guy must really like lemon sports drinks.' There were eight bottles hiding underneath the bed -- already opened, and there were varying levels of liquid. Oddly, he had never really finished them and was simply storing them. I decided to pull them out under the bed and either put them in the fridge or throw them out altogether. ... I then remembered that they only had one bathroom amongst the four of them. I then realized that the bottles weren't sports drinks."

Can you believe these maids' stories?! What would you do if you were in their shoes?


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