Garden Experts Reveal the 11 Must-Have Perennials for Every Yard This Spring (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Jan 5, 2015 Home & Garden

fire and ice

While it still might seem far off, spring is just a few months away. As we're plodding our way through winter, it's fun to look forward to the burst of colors that'll be blooming before we know it. 

Did you ever notice that gardening, too, has trends? One year, you might spy Black-Eyed Susan everywhere, and the next, Saliva, with its majestic purple rods, is popping up in every landscape. This year, prepare to see lots of the lovely variegated Artful™ Fire & Ice angel wings, (Caladium hortulanum) pictured above, which grow well in shade and sun depending on the climate. (Proven Winners, $15.99 quart-size)

perennialsSo, just what else can we expect to see this spring? Good question! We reached out to multiple garden centers to learn what'll be hot in gardening for 2015. Check out our slideshow and then tell us: What's your favorite thing to grow?


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  • Invincibelle® Ruby Hydrangea


    Unlike other hydrangeas, whose hues change depending on soil's acidity, the Invincibelle® Ruby (Hydrangea arborescens) variety retains its rich, red shade so you can put those chemicals back in the shed! Prune this woody plant in late winter and your hydrangea will re-bloom well throughout the summer. (White Flower Farm; $35 each)

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  • 'Wee One' Dwarf English Lavender


    The Dwarf English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia Thumbelina Leigh) is perfect for tight spaces, hence its nickname "Wee One," as it's slow-growing and needs very little trimming. It tolerates the heat well and reaches mature size of 15 inches by the end of its third growing season. There's an old saying, "Plant lavender for luck," so why not give it a try this spring? (High Country Gardens, $11.99 per 5-inch pot)

  • Red Mountain® Flame


    Add a pop of color to your garden with the Red Mountain® Flame (Delosperma dyeri), which blooms in rich shades of orange, scarlet, and red. It flowers in late spring and early summer and grows to be 1 inch tall and 15 to 18 inches wide at maturity. Wouldn't you love to snip some of these and place them in a vase to fancy up a picnic? (Monrovia, $14.95 per .65-gallon pot)

  • Honey Trumpet Hybrid Foxglove


    These gorgeous yellow, bell-shaped flowers are both deer- and rabbit-resistant. Blooming from late spring through summer, honey trumpets (digitalis) thrive in full morning sun and afternoon shade. At two feet tall, they add a nice bit of height to your beds. (High Country Gardens, $11.99 per 5-inch pot)

  • Glowing Embers®


    To the delight of your kids and their friends, these orange-red blooms (Agastache rupestris) will attract hummingbirds to your garden, according to They benefit from full sun and grow to a mature height of 24 to 26 inches. (North Creek Nursies, $44.64 per flat of 72)

  • Veronica Blue Yonder PPAF


    You can expect to see the Veronica Blue Yonder's stunning blue flower spikes set against deep green foliage in early to mid-spring. This plant (Lavandula angustifola) makes a perfect groundcover and offsets the often light colors of spring bulbs beautifully, according to (, $8.99 per 2.5-inch pot)

    "In my 30+ years of gardening, its flowers are the showiest of all the groundcover Veronica that I have grown," said HCG founder and chief horticulturist David Salman. 

  • Silver Curry Bush


    Gardeners living in dry climates will love this silver curry bush (Helichrysum Tianshanicum), which originated in China. The plant, bearing mustard-yellow flowers, requires no supplemental water once it's established, according to Joy Creek Nursery. So you can skip the watering and still enjoy this hardy deer-resistant plant. And bonus: When brushed, its foliage emits a curry-like scent. (Joy Creek Nursery, $10 per plant)

  • Shades of Pink Creeping Phlox


    Usher in spring with hundreds of this fast-growing pretty-in-pink groundcover. Shades of Pink Creeping Phlox (Phlox gray) blooms in late spring and thrives in tough soil sites, according to It also emits a lovely fragrance, notes the garden site, which adds that it'll re-bloom again during late summer rain. (Amazon, $16.99 per 1-gallon pot)

  • Dwarf Silver


    Attract butterflies to your garden with the soft, yellow flowers of the oenothera macrocarpa 'Dwarf Silver.' This long-blooming perennial is compact and grows to just 5 to 6 inches tall and 14 to 16 inches wide at maturity, making it a great choice for even the smallest flowerbeds. (High Country Gardens, $7.99 per 2.5-inch pot)

  • Lo & Behold® 'Pink Micro Chip'


    Winner of a 2015 Green Thumb Award, the Lo & Behold® 'Pink Micro Chip' (Buddleia) is not only deer-resistant but also attracts hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies, making your backyard the place to be for the ultimate 'I Spy' game!

    Blooming all summer long, it enjoys plenty of sunshine and can be shaped in spring. The perfect option for the lazy gardener, this plant doesn't require any deadheading and it's drought- and heat-tolerant! (Proven Winners, $16.99 per quart-size) 

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