Garden Experts Reveal the 11 Must-Have Perennials for Every Yard This Spring (PHOTOS)

fire and ice

While it still might seem far off, spring is just a few months away. As we're plodding our way through winter, it's fun to look forward to the burst of colors that'll be blooming before we know it. 

Did you ever notice that gardening, too, has trends? One year, you might spy Black-Eyed Susan everywhere, and the next, Saliva, with its majestic purple rods, is popping up in every landscape. This year, prepare to see lots of the lovely variegated Artful™ Fire & Ice angel wings, (Caladium hortulanum) pictured above, which grow well in shade and sun depending on the climate. (Proven Winners, $15.99 quart-size)


perennialsSo, just what else can we expect to see this spring? Good question! We reached out to multiple garden centers to learn what'll be hot in gardening for 2015. Check out our slideshow and then tell us: What's your favorite thing to grow?


Image via & Elena Elisseeva/shutterstock

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