Warehouse Store Addict Spills Her 15 Top Tips for Saving Big

Wendy Robinson | Dec 26, 2014 Home & Garden

Hello, my name is Wendy and I am a warehouse store addict.

(Hi, Wendy!)

I love using my warehouse store membership to buy all the essentials most people think of like toilet paper and diapers but I also love to shop there to get great gifts and to save money in some other surprising ways.

Click on to find out some of the other great deals warehouse stores have to offer!

Do you have any bulk-buying secrets to share, pretty please?


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  • Photo Greeting Cards & Stamps


    I ordered 75 holiday photo cards (which were ready the same day) and bought a 100 pack of stamps for a grand total of $65. Score!

  • Bling Bling


    My wedding band was purchased on the same day that we bought an industrial sized jug of laundry detergent. Ah, romance!

    (Seriously, though, saving money is a total turn-on for a budget geek like me!)

  • Fancy Food Gifts


    Warehouse stores often great gift sets of chocolates or other snacks. I got a tower of snacks for my office for $35 less than it would have cost in the catalog.

  • Auto Insurance


    Shopping for car insurance isn't my idea of fun, so I was glad to just handle it through my Costco membership. We save close to $400 a year on insurance purchased through the warehouse. That alone makes the annual membership fee worth it.

  • Four Eyes on the Cheap


    My husband’s glasses are just like him: stylish and cheap.

  • Cute Kiddos, Tiny Budget


    I have two kids who are growing like weeds. I love being able to spend $7 and get footie pajamas or less than $10 for brand name jeans. I also appreciate the generous return policy at my warehouse store, so I can take clothes back if they get outgrown before they get worn.

  • Breaking Open a Book Without Busting the Budget


    Magazines at 30 percent off the cover price and new books as cheap as $12-14 for hardcover? Yes please!

  • Because Buying Tampons is Bad Enough


    Need tampons? How about enough tampons to last until menopause? Your warehouse store has you covered. This another one of those things that I don't love having to buy, so if I have to get them, I may as well save money.

  • Saving Money is Fun


    I recently discovered a toy set that my son is dying for at $20 less than the best price I could find online for that exact set. Don't worry, Santa, Mama has this one covered!

  • Buying a House for Less


    Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases most of us will ever make, so why not save money on it if you can? My best friend got her mortgage through a warehouse store (who contracts with a mortgage broker) and saved over $1,000 on her closing costs.

  • Do Date Night on the Cheap


    Two tickets to the big theatre in town cost $15 at the warehouse store. Date night just got a little cheaper!

  • Cruising to a Deal


    Did you know you can book cruises and other travel packages at the warehouse store? You can and you’ll save tons!

  • You Are Just Going to Pee on it


    It is crazy how quickly the costs of trying to get pregnant can add up. Buying tests in bulk can save you $20 a month if you are obsessed with testing every month like I used to be.

    (Now I save in this category by not testing at all, but I don't think the warehouse stores carry vasectomies. Yet.)

  • Really?


    Okay, so I hope none of you have occasion to buy a coffin, but if you do, check your warehouse store’s website. They have a whole range of funeral related items.

  • Sweet Smelling Savings


    I’m not very into getting flowers. The idea of spending $50 on a bouquet is painful to me, so I love being able to grab a dozen roses for $13 if the need for fresh flowers comes up.

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