11 Very Last-Minute Gift Ideas They'll Love

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As we count down the days to Christmas and Hanukkah, now is just about that time when those of us who are procrastinators start pulling out all the stops. Have no shame! PLENTY of us are last-minute shoppers. In fact, a past year's survey found that as of December 10, the average shopper had only finished about 52.9 percent of her shopping


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Just because a holiday gift is being purchased at the very last minute doesn't have mean it has to be a lame or thoughtless gift. Not at all! There are some really amazing gifts we'd absolutely love to receive that are available -- and easy to buy -- just in the nick of time. Don't waste time feeling guilty about procrastinating. We've made last-minute gift buying easy. 

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Thankfully, there are plenty of tricks to use to get all those gifts in time! We talked to retail experts and procrastinating moms to round up 11 of the best tips and suggestions for shopping at the eleventh hour. Check 'em out and then get to checking off that shopping list before there really is no more time to waste. 

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