25 Moms Reveal Their Money Resolutions for the New Year

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'Tis the season for setting those New Year's resolutions! Rather than rehash the same old diet and exercise intentions we hear about year after year, we thought we'd take a look at some ideas moms are sharing that'll help them get on firmer financial footing in 2015. 


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We reached out the CafeMom community and beyond to learn more about the financial resolutions moms are setting for 2015, and here's what they had to say: 

1. "I'm going to avoid using any ATMs that charge me fees. I'm going to plan ahead, so I'm not rushing and wasting money on those stupid fees." -Sandra P.

2. "I'm switching my home and car insurance to the same provider, which should save us about $120 this year." -Regina W.

3. "Organize a babysitting swap with friends and neighbors. At $12 an hour, that savings could really add up." -Sarah R.

4. "Figure out more carpools -- better on my wallet and the environment." -Kelly C.

5. "I want to keep moving to cash, and I want to do a no-spend February." -CafeMom member Mem82

6. "I've got two things I want to achieve: Reduce debt -- specifically pay down the furnace loan -- and go to Italy. They're competing goals, but I really want to do both." -CafeMom member Chicken13

7. "I'm spending about $3 a day on take-out coffee. That's about $90 a month and over $500 a year. That's crazy. My resolution is use a travel mug and make it at home. We'll see if I can really do it!" -Margaret B.

8. "Pay off my couch, start savings account." -CafeMom member aidensmomma508

9. "We're going to be taking as much of our extra money as possible and putting it all towards our outstanding debt. We have six years left on our car loan and I have 8 years left on my student loan.  We want them paid off ASAP, so that my other half can leave his day job and we can be full-time farmers." -CafeMom member OrientalLily

10. "Use coupons more, and try to spend less on groceries." -CafeMom member Anonymous6

11. "On top of trying to pay our car loan off two years early this year, I would like to have 12 of our house payments saved up, as well, and a six-month emergency fund." -CafeMom member TLCfortheworld

12. "To discuss purchases with hubby first. He is a million times better than me at this. I impulse shop all the freaking time. Every day. It is a habit to buy whatever I want without discussing it. We are talking little stuff, like DVDs -- not designer handbags or other expensive items. I really need to work on this. Overall, it will help me stick to my budget much better." -CafeMom member redheadtmk

13. "Eat out less, find more cheaper fun things to do with the family." -CafeMom member Bob192

14. "Need to get my grocery amount each month down. But eat healthy." -CafeMom member CampingMomof4

15. "Learn how and stick to a budget." -CafeMom member 3Mom627

16. "I'm going to pitch all the catalogs that come in the mail right into recycling so I'm not even tempted to shop." -Karen L.

17. "I'd love to cancel our cable and start reading more. That would save us about $60 a month!" -Victoria R.

18. "We have decided to pay a few bills off for the year, meaning we won't get a monthly bill for insurance, garbage pick-up, etc. Which also saves us money. Every month, there's a $5 fee to pay insurance, so we'll pay it once instead of 12 times. And if you pay a year's worth of garbage pick-up, you get a month for free and for us, that's $24. So we're saving money and eliminating monthly bills." -CafeMom member Goddess99

19. "We're planning on refinancing our mortgage -- should be a savings of $225 a month. That's a great start to increase our savings!" -Cheryl M.

20. "I'm planning to pack lunches for my husband and me to take to work. If we stop buying sandwiches and salads out, that could save us as much as $60 a week." -Pam B.

21. "I say it every year, but this is the year I'm going to contribute to my company's 401(k) plan." -Beth R.

22. "I'm the process of setting up a way to have funds automatically deducted from my paycheck to go straight into a college fund for my kids." -Christie M.

23. "My checkbook -- ugh -- I'm going to commit to balancing it weekly, so I can stop crossing my fingers whenever I write a check." -Wendy K. 

24. "I really want to learn more about investing." -Cathy D. 

25. "Our family needs a vacation, so we're going to stop buying pizza every Friday and put that money into a fund, so we can finally go away for a week or even a long weekend." -Patti Y. 

What's your financial resolution for 2015? 

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